Oily and impure skin has to be treated with attention and the right active, starting with a good cleanser that will cleanse the face and remove the excess sebum, without damaging the skin barrier.

How to choose the cleanse oily and impure skin

Before choosing the best cleanser for oily and impure skin, we have to know the best methods to cleanse in a more efficient and not aggressive way. There are two types of cleansing:

  • For affinity, using oily texture follow the principles for which what is similar melts the similar, because sebum has the same consistency of oily.
  • For contrast, using foam or gel formulas to remove surfactants, sebum, and smog that pile up on the face.

Oily and impure can’t only cleanse by affinity, they have to use a foam or gel cleanser to remove the excess of oils and double cleanse the skin. If they prefer doing only one type of cleansing, they recommend cleansing by contrast with foam and gel that can purify and sebum regulating the skin.

Oily and impure skin: what ingredients has to be looked for in a cleanser

Impure and oily skin needs attention in the choosing of the ingredients, that has to be purifying, but also balanced with soothing and hydrating ones to make the products not aggressive and perfect to the needs of this type of skin.

Among the most common ingredients in cleansers for oily and impure skin we can find Aloe Vera, Active Carbone and Mallow. Let’s find out all of their benefits.

Aloe vera: all the benefits and properties

Aloe Vera is a plant with long leaves from which they extract a thick gel that is inserted in cosmetics products. It has many properties that make it a perfect ingredient a cleanser for impure and oily skin, such as:

  • Hydrating and soothing properties, perfect to balance the other active in the formula. For it’s soothing properties, it makes an ideal aftersun.
  • Antibacterial properties, but also healing and antiinflammatory one, useful in skins prone to irritation and blemishes.
  • Antioxidant properties, to stimulate elastin and collagen production and make it more toned and plump.

Active carbon: all the benefits and properties

detergenti pelle grassa ingredienti

Active carbon is an ingredient that comes from the burning without flame of different types of wood ( birch, willow, poplar, bambou) or nuts remains ( coconuts or similar). It’s a very versatile ingredient and can be used in different ways, thank to his multiples properties:

  • Detox and purifying properties, to get rid of toxins and prevent blemish and blackheads.
  • Sebum regulating properties, to regulate the sebum production.
  • Exfoliating properties, using the powder of the active ( we can find it often in face and body scrubs).
  • Antibacterial properties

Mallow: all the benefits and properties

Mallow Mallow is a medicinal plant used from the ancient times in medical and cosmetics products. It has different properties:

  • Emollient and soothing, hydrating properties
  • Antiinflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties, to contrast and prevent skin aging.

A cleanser that contains all of these ingredients is purifying but also soothing and hydrating: the skin will be cleansed, purified, but not aggressive and well balanced. A too harsh cleanser can cause a rebound effect and make the skin produce even more sebum.