It’s never too soon to take care of your skin! Taking care of your skin with the right products is a habit that has to be done as soon as possible. Especially during teenage years, that is a difficult age even for our skin, it’s important to have the correct skincare before it is too late.

How to build a correct skincare routine for teens, without making it too difficult or too heavy? Let’s find out.

Teenager’s skincare routine: following the right steps

Skin in young people doesn’t need too many steps or products: forget toner, richer creams and illuminating serum. You have to build a skincare routine that is effective, easy and quick. In this way, it is easier for teens to be consistent.

There are three essential steps in the right skincare routine, for every age: cleansing, hydrating, protecting from the sun damage with spf. Let’s find out what are the right products for teenage skin.

Teenager’s skincare routine: how to choose the right cleanser

Cleansing is one the most important steps in the skincare routine: if done in the right way, with the most suited products, it can transform your skin! It’s important for teenagers to do it with the best products from the start: usually teens skin can be acneic or with blemishes, so you can choose purifying or sebum-regulating cleanser. If the skin is more sensitive and delicate, you can use gentle and hydrating cleanser.

It’s always better to choose a product with an easy use, that carries out its goal with the minimum effort and without hitch.  Otherwise, the routine will be given up quickly.

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    Purifying facial cleanser with activated charcoal, aloe vera and mallow.

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    Cleansing and makeup removal mousse, moisturizing and detoxifying for sensitive skin


Teenager’s skincare routine: how to choose the right moisturizer

Although teenage skin can be subjected to hormone imbalances, sebum’s overproduction and blackheads and blemishes, hydrating can’t be forgotten. Avoiding moisturizer to not feel the skin greasy is a frequent error in this type of skincare: you have to choose the right hydrating cream for the skin type, with a lighter texture with purifying and sebum regulating active. In summer you can replace the moisturizer with a hydrating or purifying serum with also hydrating properties under sunscreen.

The importance of face masks in a teenager’s routine

A great help in teenagers’ skin care is the frequent use of face masks alone or in multimasking, combining hydrating masks and purifying ones. They can be applied before an instagram’s selfie and kept in place while watching a youtube video. Once a week it’s good to do a mechanical or enzymatic scrub, suitable for the teens’s skin type.

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    Exfoliating and oxygenating facial scrub with activated charcoal and green tea

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    Exfoliating face mask with avocado oil, green tea and charcoal microparticles

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    Refreshing and purifying face mask with aloe and purple ginseng