Between WhatsApp, Instagram and House Party, video calls with friends take place every hour … and we make-up artists must be at the top of our beauty! Follow the 8 steps and you will be ready in 5 minutes for your video calls with friends!

Are you ready for a video call? You are forced at home by the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency but your social life requires you to always look perfect, find out how to do the best makeup!

con MONIA DI MIA Makeup!


Have you ever tried to breathe with a pillow on your face? I would say impossible … and that’s what happens to your skin every night when it’s full of makeup … it tries to breathe but can’t … so it fills with toxins and ages sooner! Do we women do a lot to look younger and then get lost in some facial cleansing in the evening? IT NEVER HAPPENED! I trust you!

During the day? At least tonic and moisturizing to relax the skin and make it more compact and shiny … you will also get the maximum performance of your daily make-up! Take a look at our skin care products



We certainly do not intend to use the Saturday night look for a video call with friends, so a good BB cream is the perfect compromise to be able to obtain a top & easy result for your face makeup base. Mia’s BB Secret Cream is available in two colors and can be adapted to all skin types giving a matte and luminous finish. Its main feature is the pigmented and encapsulated microspheres that adapt to your specific skin type … so you will never miss the color of your background! Apply the BB Cream with a large flat brush that will allow you not to waste a single drop of product and to obtain a precise and uniform application. Believe me after using it you will not be able to do without it!

And for the eyes? A PRIMER IS NORMAL!

There are ideal eye primers to allow the application and maximum yield of the eye shadows and then there is STEP 2 DI MIA which not only maximizes the duration of the eyeshadows but also manages to even out the complexion giving a slight correction of dark circles and tones dark typical of the periocular area. I apply it with my fingers because I can reach all parts of the eye without problems.


Very often we tend to distort the shape of our eyebrows without understanding that they follow the shape of the face and the bone structure of the same … so if you do not want to continue to obtain a Frankenstain effect just follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not distort the shape of the eyebrows but follow the natural one which tends to give symmetry.
  • Fill in the empty holes without coloring them all.

Just use an eyebrow palette like MIA’s EYEBROW KIT: in a single product you can illuminate the eyebrow arch, give color to the eyebrows by filling the holes and fix the shape with wax. The result will be a natural look that intensifies the look.


  • How can you remove the whiteness of these times? With a foundation

  • How can we give a touch of Bonne Mine to your cheekbones? With a blush

  • How can we illuminate the areas of the face that we like best? With highlighter

  • How can we do this with just one product? FAIRY TALE A FACE PALETTE by MIA

I recommend using a floor brush to spread the dirt all over your face, focusing on the cheekbones, temples and forehead. In this way you will have an extra color tone.

SPECIAL TIPS: Apply some earth on the mobile eyelid for a super intense eyeshadow-free look;)

Then you move with an inclined brush to spread the blush on the cheekbone area with movements from the inside of the face outwards. We will have a bonne mine effect typical of a walk in the sun … unfortunately NEVER DONE since we stayed indoors for days (better not think about it!). Finally with a FLUID BRUSH you go to hightligter the back of the nose, Cupid’s bow, cheekbones and chin … it will seem that you are using a filter !!!


I think we all do it now … combining two mascaras for an unmatched intense look … have you ever done that? Now I will explain it to you! Choose two mascaras we have: one a thickening and 3D effect and the other a curved and lengthening mascara … this way your look will be deep and intense like never before. If you don’t know which ones to choose, I have very clear ideas and I would never ever change the fantastic OVERSIZE + BLACK CURLING mascara combination … together they can satisfy me 100% … try to let me know

OVERSIZE is the volumizing and curling mascara, with an intense and revolutionary black formula, which completely envelops each lash, giving an immediate oversize volume.

THE BLACK CURLING is the curving mascara with an extreme black that with the special curved applicator, inspired by the professional eyelash curler, offers an extreme curvature.


How to finish a natural make-up by giving volume and a little color to the lips? Easy! Lip pencil + Gloss! I chose the long-lasting lip liner to have a long lasting mixable color, which did not go with the application of the gloss. I applied it as if it were a lipstick all over the surface of the lips. Finally, the Lip Plumper gloss that gives volume and a shiny effect for a natural lip look that stands out.

Bottom friends we’re done, a little hair spot, and we’re ready for our video calls

If you want to see the video of this look go to our profile! INSTAGRAM!

I run to my friends that the phone is already ringing … see you next time!