Exfoliating the skin and using a face exfoliant is important to maintain the skin healthy and naturally glowing. It also helps remove the blemishes in the nose area, chin and front ( the famous T zone): the feared and hated blackheads.

What are really the blackheads?

What are really the blackheads? Many people think that it is dirt, but it isn’t: they are formed from sebum filaments that accumulate in skin’s pores, blocking it and through sun’s contact, they oxides. They are most frequent in oily and combination skin, but can also be found in normal to dry skin types, often in response to wrong products for the skin, harsh cleanser and too heavy moisturizer.

The differences between blackheads and whiteheads

Blackheads are not the only type of blemishes, we can also find whiteheads on our skin: both of them are formed from filaments and dead skin cells, but unlike the first one, whiteheads are not closed in pores but exposed with a white dome on the skin. It’s a form of non-inflammatory acne that can be treated with the right cleanser, purifying products and a lot of patience: they will disappear without leaving any trace. Popping them only help them to spread and form scars.

How to remove blackheads

Blackheads can be removed in various ways. They can be prevented by cleansing your face with the right products for your skin type and removing your makeup before going to bed.

Do not pop your blackheads: it’s not the right way to remove them. Using nails to put pressure in the area can bring little abrasion, that can leave scars. If your nails and hands are not clean, they can bring infection and bacteria.

You can use a purifying mask that can soften the area and help remove them with mechanical exfoliation. You can also apply a Bha’s based chemical exfoliation to remove them. Let’s find in detail what products are best suited to remove blackheads.

The best scrubs and exfoliants to remove blackheads

Per rimuovere efficacemente i fastidiosi punti neri, si possTo remove effectively the annoying blackheads, you can use scrub with different granules and textures, according to our skin sensitivities:

  • Scrub with a gel texture and microgranules with natural origins: They are cool on the skin, and they exfoliant it gently thanks to the microgranule in the texture, that are not not harsh and aggressive. Dry, combination and dry skin love this type of scrubs, even if they are sensitive and still use mechanical exfoliator.
  • Scrub with microgranulesi: that have more dense texture and granules and more energetic action on the skin. They are perfect for combination, oily and normal skin who prefer a deep exfoliation.
  • ● Enzymatic scrub with granules: in this type of products we find two types of exfoliator: the enzymatic one, that is more gentle and the mechanical ones with granules with natural origins like apricot kernels. This type of scrub exfoliante the skyn in a more gentle way thanks to pairing of actives and different types of granules. They are recommended for combination, oily skin and even dry and sensitive skin.
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    Natural-origin gel exfoliating facial scrub with green caviar extract, activated charcoal and lime

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    Exfoliating and oxygenating facial scrub with activated charcoal and green tea

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    Facial exfoliator with mechanical and enzymatic action with jojoba oil, papain and apricot stones


For a more purifying action, you can choose a face mask that is also a facial scrub: they contain soothing and purifying active, to adapt for all skin types. It’s best to apply them in your skincare routine once a week or before a major event, before an illuminating or hydrating mask.

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    Exfoliating Liquid Salicylic Acid, Vitamin B3 and Aloe

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    Exfoliating face mask with avocado oil, green tea and charcoal microparticles

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    Face mask 3 in 1: purifying, revitalizing and moisturizing with spirulina algae extract


If your skin is particularly sensitive to mechanical scrub, it’s best to choose an exfoliating toner with BHA to remove your blackheads without irritating your skin.