From reds to nudes through fuchsia, orange and peaches, up to burgundy and burgundy colors, the main prerogative is that they have a purely matte color!

Even with the mask there are those who do not give up the beauty of lips with an intense and full color and the only way to continue wearing it, even in times of pandemic, is to choose long-lasting no-transfer lipsticks with a matte finish.

Matte lipsticks have become real must-haves, in all makeup collections at least one drawer is dedicated to them!

What are the best matt lipsticks? The most moisturizing ones, of course!

The first objection that is made when it comes to matt lipsticks is certainly that the lips at the end of the day are dry and with lots of cuticles, or that you notice that annoying floury effect that highlights every slightest defect, all considerations that however can be forget when choosing a lipstick that is comfortable on the lips and that continues to keep them hydrated despite the non-glossy finish.

With GLAM Flow Lipstick you can choose from 32 opaque and satin references and extremely moisturizing thanks to the formulation with Jojoba oil, olive oil and Vitamin E which guarantee you lips that are always soft without any sensation of dryness!

How to increase the duration of matt lipsticks?

Since you have been wearing the mask, have you noticed that your lips need more attention? Just follow small tricks to ensure that your lips are perfect and show off a flawless matt lipstick:

  • During the skincare session, apply a veil of Step one lips plus that helps you moisturize and plump, let it absorb during your makeup so that you have perfect lips for applying the lipstick you have chosen for your day;
  • Once you have applied your lipstick, take a tissue and place it between your lips and with a veil of Loose Powder or with the Fix Powder Brush On lightly dab on the tissue with the powder brush and that’s it: you will have eliminated the excess product and at the same time fixed the lipstick for an extra strong hold.

From matt to gloss: how to make your matt lipsticks shiny

Do you want to change your lipstick during the day and turn it from matte to glossy? It’s really simple, just choose between:

  • Apply a Lip Glass to give the lips a multidimensional shine;
  • With the Lip Plumper you will have an immediate volume effect with luminous and plump lips   

The range of Glam Flow Lipstick Collection

The Glam Flow Lipstick collection consists of 32 references, one for each mood that can characterize your day; from the lipstick to wear to be in the office to that for a first date to the perfect one for an aperitif with friends. You just have to choose the perfect shade according to your mood!

Nude Lipsticks: The Most Beautiful Nudes To Enhance The Natural Color Of The Lips

For a quiet day to spend in the office try Etrange (27), Delicat (25), Reserve (24) or Adorable (22) which are the perfect nudes if you don’t like being the center of attention; for a quiet aperitif with old friends you can opt for Bizarre (32), Joie (31), Magnifique (28) or Privee (20) who are always part of the nude family but with pink or brown undertones that help to bring I highlight your gorgeous smile.

Pink Lips: Delicate or eccentric pink lipsticks

Do you have a first date and a veil of romance accompanies you? Your choice can only fall between: Discret (26), Retenu (23), Drole (30) or Fantastique (29) where you can choose between delicate pinks or peony fuchsia.

The Red Lipstick: The Difference In The Undertone

The lipsticks par excellence, symbols of seduction and sensuality: Fabuleux (18), Passionee (17), Fervent (16) and Formidable (15): the perfect reds.

Burgundy, Dark And Very Dark Lipsticks

If, on the other hand, you want to catch the attention on your lips, you absolutely have to try the darker colors of the range: Charmant (21), Mervilleux (19), Obstinè (14), Fanatique (11) and Tetue (12) that will make you the protagonist of them all. the scenes.