Make-up has always been used as an expression of fashion and personality but not only! It helps to make us feel better about ourselves, to value our strengths and to disguise our imperfections. With corrective makeup, which has always been taught in makeup artist training schools, you discover the power of makeup and its infinite possibilities. How can they be optically enlarge the lips with makeup, even the eyes can appear larger only thanks to a few tricks. Read on to find out how to make small eyes bigger with makeup!

Small eyes: what not to use

We are used to seeing models and actresses with big eyes, a lot of space on the eyelid and very complex and all visible makeup. Not all types of eyes are the same and for this reason, they should not be made up in the same way.

If you have small eyes, you don’t have to:

  • apply the black pencil to the inner rim of the eye, which will tend to make it even smaller
  • use colors that are too dark towards the inside of the eyelid
  • put false eyelashes too thick towards the inside of the eyelid, which will tend to close the eye
  • apply the pencil on the upper line too often, too close to the innermost part, without blending it: the eye will be even smaller and heavier

Instead, let’s find out what are the practices to be implemented to optically enlarge small eyes.

Small eyes: what to use to enlarge them with makeup


A few tricks are enough to make eyes bigger with makeup, like:

  • apply one butter pencil in the lower internal rhyme: it will open the gaze and make the eye immediately larger
  • outline the lower outer rim with a pencil and blend it with an eyeshadow of the same tone. Even without applying the butter pencil in the rhyme, your eye will be more defined and will appear optically larger
  • blend the eyeshadows towards the outside of your eye, but don’t overdo it. You will have to give a more elongated effect, without risking exaggerating and ruining the balance of the eye
  • don’t forget to use the eyelash curler, which really makes a difference in the application of mascara and in allowing the product to open the gaze
  • to apply mascara and fake eyelashes: curved, volumized and long lashes open the gaze and immediately make the eye bigger! Choose with a more defined tail and avoid lashes that make your eye smaller
  • apply light eyeshadows on the mobile eyelid and darken only the outermost part: your eye will appear much larger
  • don’t forget the eyebrows ! Take care of the arch and their shape, to frame your eye even better and highlight your gaze.