There is no precise age to start taking care of your skin but over time the experts have come to the conclusion that a complete preventive skincare should be done from the age of 20.

Yet many girls, well before the age of 20, begin to wear make-up and for this reason the very first approach to skincare takes place during adolescence.

When using make-up products, you must also use cosmetics to remove them and at least one moisturizing emollient cream after each cleansing to help restore the protective surface hydrolipidic microfilm of the skin (always largely removed by cleansing, even if delicate).

Skincare routine for very young skin

Teenage skins should be treated little and well with a quick and easy skincare to be repeated morning and evening.

In the morning, the ideal skincare for very young skin involves two phases:

  • Cleansing with a mild foaming cleanser, such as Mia Cosmetics In Da Cloud;
  • Hydration with a delicate cream, such as Mia Cosmetics Hydrata Face Cream, perfect for keeping the lipid film of the facial skin in good condition.

In the evening you can proceed with the same skincare as in the morning or do a double cleansing before the cream if you need to remove the make-up.

Double cleansing is used to remove make-up with two products that thoroughly cleanse the skin:

  • A delicate oily cleanser that dissolves products applied to the face (such as the Hydra Beauty Oil Express by Mia Cosmetics);
  • A mild foaming cleanser.

In adolescence, hormonal changes can increase the likelihood of blemished and acne-prone skin.

In case of acne, you must immediately contact a dermatologist who recommends specific pharmacological skin treatments. However, skincare can help calm the skin with thorough cleansing and the use of sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory creams, such as Mia Cosmetics Active Face Cream rich in aloe vera.

Skincare routine for young skin under 20

Around the age of 20, the skincare routine has a function of preventing skin aging and must be more complete and specific according to the type of skin and include several steps:

  • Morning cleansing with a foaming cleanser and double evening cleansing to remove make-up;
  • Application of a face serum according to the type of skin (dry, oily, mixed oily or asphyxiated);
  • Application of an eye contour to slow down the formation of expression lines in the eye area;
  • Application of a moisturizing or sebum-regulating cream (according to the type of skin).

Once a week, after cleansing, we recommend exfoliating the skin with a delicate scrub, such as Let it Breath by Mia Cosmetics which also has an oxygenating action.

Remember to always apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher all year round before makeup. The sun’s rays are in fact one of the major causes of premature skin aging.