We hear many rumors and false myths about skincare that have been passed down by our grandmothers and aunts, until they turn into real fake news in the age of the internet. Thanks to the infinite availability of sources and expert opinions on the web, we can finally explain why these are false myths that absolutely must not be listened to if we want healthy skin. Here are the 5 false myths you no longer have to believe in and why.

Exfoliating acids thin the skin



Chemical exfoliation it can be scary and often many rumors have been circulated about this process which, if carried out with the utmost attention as required by every treatment, can only improve the condition of our skin. Exfoliating acids such as BHA and AHA they work within the different layers of the epidermis, penetrating in different depths, thus also managing to stimulate cell turnover. For this reason it is not a superficial exfoliation and does not lead to any reduction of the stratum corneum.


Oily skin doesn’t need to be hydrated



The characteristics of the oily skin We know them well, and the excessive production of sebum all over the face makes people with this type of skin desist from applying a good face moisturizer. There is nothing more wrong! All skin types need hydration. By not applying a moisturizing product, oily skin tends to dehydrate its skin and lead to an even greater production of sebum, as a defense reaction of the skin that is already not regular due to hormonal causes. Oily skin must apply a light moisturizer, perhaps in a gel, that does not contain nourishing active ingredients such as oils and butters and has sebum-regulating properties.


Makeup ruins skin (and causes pimples)



In the case of skin conditions such as acne , it has always been said that using makeup too often could make the situation worse. It is certainly not the makeup, if chosen respecting your skin type together with an accurate skincare, that leads to the appearance of more imperfections but it is an incorrect cleansing, a lack of attention towards the expiration of cosmetic products and the poor hygiene of the brushes and makeup tools, where bacteria lurk that can cause pimples and blemishes.


Pimples are removed with toothpaste or with bicarbonate and lemon



Who has never happened to find a pimple in the middle of the forehead or on the chin just before an important event? The solution is not to be found in the DIY methods: using toothpaste or a bicarbonate and lemon paste only inflames the area further, leading in some cases to the temporary disappearance of the imperfection but accompanied by redness and excessive dryness of the area. A proper skincare routine with products containing salicylic acid and the right use of purifying masks, it will help you fight last minute imperfections.

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    Refreshing and purifying face mask with aloe and purple ginseng

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    Face mask 3 in 1: purifying, revitalizing and moisturizing with spirulina algae extract

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    Shimmering exfoliating face and body scrub in natural origin gel with fermented aloe vera extract



The skin gets used to skincare products

One of the most terrible myths is about the beauty routine. It is said that our skin gets used to the skincare products we are using and to prevent them from “working” anymore, we have to change routines often. In reality this is not the case at all, if we perceive that a product is no longer for us it is because our needs have changed based on age, season, hormonal factor. Some products also need an extended period of time to allow the active ingredients to take effect, changing routines frequently would not bring the benefits of the ingredients to the surface!