Dull skin: heal this skin type in the best way possible with Mia Cosmetics products

Dull skin is a skin type that shows gray, matte and uneven complexion. Mia Cosmetics offers a wide range of products that have been studied for dull skin’ skincare in order to give a healthy and glowy look to the skin in a short time.

What causes dull and gray skin

When you have dull skin, people generally think that circulating blood is not very oxygenated and this can be linked to several problems like:

  • stress and fatigue;
  • low sleep quality;
  • smoke;
  • dehydration;
  • bad feeding habits, especially low in vitamins and nutrients;
  • environmental agents like smog, wind or an excessive sun exposure;
  • natural skin aging process
  • an improper skincare for your skin type.

The skin has a very delicate balance and to keep it perfectly healthy is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare routine for your needs.

Skincare routine to give the glow back to dull and gray skin

Thanks to Mia Cosmetics face treatments you can say goodbye to dull and matte skin in a few simple steps.

Among the main mistakes that are made when it comes to dull skin there is a lack (or not that frequent) of exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin is important as it allows to remove dead cells that build up on the surface and make the skin look greyish or bluish. With Let It Breathe exfoliating and oxygenating face scrub with activated charcoal and green tea you will have smooth, soft and immediately brighter skin.

Add an oxygenated face mask like Bubble Mask by Mia Cosmetics in your beauty routine, it can deeply purify the skin and activate microcirculation thanks to the active oxygen that is present in the formula.

Use our Cleansing Milk & Tone cleanser and toner to give firmness and glow to a matte and tired look and finish the routine with a brightening serum like Blooming Serum Gold Infusion that contains 24k gold microparticles and rosehip oil.