Acne prone skin: the best products to treat this kind of skin

Acne prone skin is a skin type that must be treated in the right way with specific products, following all the steps for a correct skin care. Even if acne mainly gets the youngest, it can also arise in adulthood in a lighter or harshest way. Acne prone skin is often experienced with great discomfort, but understanding why it shows and how to take care of it is the key to having a smooth and flawless skin again.

What causes acne?

Our skin usually produces sebum to protect us from external agents, through the formation of some sort of a film that is needed to keep the hydration in the outermost layer of the skin. However, when the sebum production is excessive, this can block the pores and start an inflammatory process that leads to the formation of comedones and blemishes.

Why does the skin produce too much sebum sometimes? Sebum secretion is influenced by many factors: hormonal imbalances, genetic factors, environmental factors, stress, smoke, a bad sleep quality or even bad feeding habits. A good skincare routine surely is among the good habits to pursue if you want to prevent and cure acne prone skin.

The right skincare for acne prone skin

The first, fundamental, step is cleansing: people are often convinced that we need particularly aggressive products to get rid of blemishes and impurities; but it’s not like this as you could actually risk obtaining the opposite result. To cleanse acne prone skin you have to go for efficient but still delicate products, that are rich in active principles that help deeply purifying the skin, like In Da Cloud by Mia Cosmetics.

Another fundamental step is the peeling that, on acne prone skin, must be done consistently but with moderation, maximum twice a week. To exfoliate acne prone skin properly we suggest chemical exfoliators instead of mechanical exfoliators that might irritate and redden the blemishes. BHA Boost by Mia Cosmetics is perfect as it has salicylic acid that not only purifies skin but also has a healing and antiseptic action.

Even anti-blemishes face masks are indicated for acne prone skin, like Black Face Mask with black charcoal and aloe vera that purifies and refines skin texture, always giving it an instantly healthier and brighter look.

In conclusion, we have to remember the importance of proper hydration. For acne prone skin it is better to go for a double function, hydrating and sebum-regulating, like Active Face Cream by Mia Cosmetics with healing and anti-inflammatory properties.