Neck and décolleté: two areas that are subject to skin problems

Neck and décolleté are especially delicate and this makes these areas subject to premature aging. In these areas, the skin is very thin so, during the years, the tissue becomes less elastic and wrinkles arise. Among the most hated imperfections there are: double chin which is caused by skin relaxation under the chin and fat accumulation; venus necklaces, circular creases around the neck, always caused by the loss of skin tone; “turkey neck” effect, when vertical lines arise due to the soft tissue failure. Moreover, the neck and décolleté are more exposed to the sun during life, and that’s why sun and age spots appear there first.

To slow down the aging process is necessary to practice specific exercises to strengthen the neck and chest muscles and burn excess fat, stimulate the area with massages that faster the metabolism and promote collagen and elastin production, two proteins that give elasticity to the skin, and apply specific treatments that are rich in active principles to renew the skin.

Toned teck and décolleté with Mia Cosmetics products

To reduce wrinkles and give tone back to your skin, choose our specific anti-age treatments with hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, stem cells and vitamins.

Try Pure Face Sheet Mask Peptidi, tissue mask for face and neck by Mia that help prevent skin relaxation during time, reduces wrinkles and gives glow.

Apply the vials constantly to have the plumping effect you need and discover all the other products for skincare.

If used with consistency and with a deep massage in the neck and décolleté area, to allow the product to act perfectly, our treatments can help you gain tone back and obtain the desired results.