Blemishes: when pimples and black heads are the main skin problems

Blemishes represent the most common skin problem. When we talk about blemishes we refer to the appearance of pimples and black heads. Other than the appearance of acne and other imperfections, skin looks shiny because of the excess sebum.

This kind of blemishes arise because of inflammation and infection of sebaceous glands that start producing excess sebum. Sebum dilates walls of the hair follicles, accumulates in them and causes blemish formation. This sebaceous glands dysfunction can arise due to several factors, among these, the most common are: genetic factors, hormonal disorder, taking medications that can cause these side effects, disordered eating, stress, smoke or the use of too harsh cleansers on your skin.

Skin with blemishes is very common among teenagers caused by hormonal changes that occur during puberty but it’s a problem that can still be present in adulthood.

It’s important to treat impure skin correctly otherwise you risk worsening the skin condition. We suggest you perform a proper cleansing and a good moisturization.

Products against blemishes

Don’t know how to get rid of black heads? Discover how to have a proper skincare for impure skin with Mia Cosmetics products. Purify the face of the skin with our activated charcoal cleanser. Apply Bubble Musk with oxygenating feature and the peeling liquids that with alpha and beta hydroxy acids to perform a chemical peeling that can also remove the more stubborn blemishes.

The best products for blemishes are chemical, enzymatic and mechanical peelings, choose the right one for your skin type and try the superfood scrubs, exfoliating brightening masks and perform a proper daily skincare as a solution to remove black heads and counteract the formation of any blemish on the face skin.