Eye bags and dark circles: problems of young and aged skin

Eye bags and dark circles appear on the face no matter what age you are and are skin problems that make the face look more tired and aged.

These imperfections usually appear at the same time but they are of two different types. Eye bags are due to a swelling that causes tissue relaxation and loss of elasticity. Dark circles are lightly hollow or swollen halos with a bluish color. Eye bags and dark circles are due to the slowing down of blood microcirculation. This happens because our body is subject to stress on a daily basis. Frantic pace of life, bad feeding habits, dehydration, are among the main causes of skin problems. Even hereditary factors play a fundamental role. Sometimes, following a healthy lifestyle isn’t enough, you need specific treatments for the eye area that help keep the area properly hydrated to restore firmness and brightness of the skin.

Immediate solutions against eye bags and dark circles

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Apply our Eye Patch Snail Burr to instantly reduce the swelling under the eyes. The active principles that are in the snail slime and the cool effect efficiently tame imperfections and hydrate the skin that blows again after a single application.

You can also try the Precious Gold Eye Patch Biobotox for a natural lifting effect given by Acmella Oleracea ad Spilantolo extracts. Alternatively we suggest you try Youth Instant Filler Eye Bags that stretches the skin of the eye area removing the tiny wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles.