Age and sun spots: skin problems that arise with age and with UV rays exposure.

Age and sun spots are problems that arise with aging and due to sun rays exposure. Both problems show themselves as spots that are darker than the usual skin tone, due to a localized or widespread excess of melanin.

The main cause of these alterations is the incorrect sun exposure. They are 2 problems with the same origin that arise differently. Age spots are damages that arise with age. They appear as brown spots with a diameter of approximately 1 cm. Sun spots can also appear on young skin as a consequence of sunburn. They have variable shapes and dimensions and their color can be reddish or tend to yellow or dark brown.

The most affected areas by age and sun spots are those where the skin i more delicate, like neck and décolleté, or the ones that are more exposed to UV rays like back and the back of the hand.

To prevent these annoying problems we suggest you use some precautions like drinking a lot of water to favor skin hydration, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, avoid going out during the hottest hours, use high SPF during winter as well and apply the best lightening creams.

Treatments to better skin discoloration appearance

Did sun exposure leave you with sun spots? Or did signs of aging become age spots? Against all skin discoloration types like melasma, chloasma gravidarum, the beginning of age spots, skin aging in the skin of the face area or of the entire body, the most efficient remedy is to use a depigmenting and lightening body cream like Complexion Clarifying by Mia Cosmetics that attenuates the white and dark spots. For face spots, Complexion Clarifying is a face cream with SPF 30 that gradually reduces spots by lighting them and preventing the reappearance. The perfect cream to be applied all year long but especially during summer after sun exposure!

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