A product to be applied daily and constantly to obtain lasting effects for skin care. Face serum is not just an anti-ageing cosmetic product to combat wrinkles. Even those who do not have mature skin need to take care of their face every day. In the daily routine of every woman, a specific step should be dedicated to hydration and stimulation of the skin of the face. The different face serum are concentrated of active ingredients with a fluid consistency that must be applied and massaged just like a cream. A daily face serum treatment resolves and improves the appearance of the skin.

Choose the Mia Cosmetics face serum that suits you best, such as the one based on hyaluronic acid, which fills in small wrinkles, relaxes the features and brightens the skin, eliminating the signs of fatigue and stress to which the skin of the face is subjected every day. Apply daily after cleansing and toning and before applying the moisturizer: you just have to apply a few drops of the product for extraordinary results, even on the neck and décolleté, with slow, but firm movements.

Your skin needs constant attention and nourishment: take care of it with Mia Cosmetics face serums, your daily choice of well-being!