Face masks: immediate results face treatments

Face masks are one of the most efficient face treatments when it comes to skincare if you want to obtain proper results in just a few minutes. Face mask is way more than a beauty product: it’s a moment of relaxation to choose when the skin needs a little bit more attention.

On the market, there are several kinds of masks: hydrating, healing, anti wrinkles, purifying, brightening and many more. The face mask’s choice depends on the skin type and on the problem you want to solve. For sure, there are many benefits and, if used regularly, they guarantee long lasting effects.

A face mask for any need

Mia Cosmetics offers a wide range of face masks, both in cream and in fabric with a specific function. Try Black Face Mask, with its peel off, sebum-absorbing function that is particularly suitable for removing black heads. Perfect for oily, mixed or acne prone skin as it deeply removes impurities and improves skin texture.

Then, there are our face treatments that have the beneficial effects of superfoods. Spiru Candy is a 3 in 1 mask with spirulina algae that has purifying, revitalizing and hydrating properties. Olive, argan and jojoba oil makes its formula perfect for mixed and dry skin.

Seng Seng mask, instead, is enriched with aloe vera and purple ginseng and healing properties. It’s perfect for oily and sensitive skin but also for the aged ones thanks to its smoothing effect.

Mia Cosmetics also offers a wide selection of eye patches and tissue face masks, like the Precious Face Sheet Mask Gold Peptidi, the 24k gold- enriched mask with peptides for a plumping and anti age function.

For an immediate lifting effect there’s also the Pure Face Mask BioBotox that penetrates in the deepest layers of the skin, plumping and smoothing the skin.