We all would like to show off super structured and sophisticated eye make-up but we don’t always have the time, the desire or the artistic ability to make them. A simple eye make-up can still highlight the look and give us a well-groomed appearance with the use of a maximum of three to four products used in the right way.

Simple eye make-up: the products to have

Even if we are not passionate or make-up collectors, surely in our make-up clutches there is no shortage of essential products for a simple eye make-up, namely:
  • A black or brown eye pencil;
  • An eyeliner;
  • A mascara.
For a complete eye make-up these three products are enough, but to get a slightly more structured make-up (but always very easy to make) you must also have a neutral light brown eyeshadow or a cream-colored eyeshadow (also pearly or shimmer).

How to make a simple eye make-up with 3 products (+ one)

Let’s imagine this scenario: you have an important meeting, there is no time to create a sophisticated eye make-up, but you still want to look pretty and care.
After the skincare routine move on to make the face base and then to make up the eyes. But how? Here is a step-by-step very simple make-up:
  • With a blending brush, such as the Mia Cosmetics Pen Brush, blend a veil of light brown eyeshadow in the eyelid crease to give three-dimensionality to the look;
  • Take a black (or brown) eye pencil and apply it to the lower inner rim of the eye. If you have particularly small eyes, apply it to the lower lash line;
  • Apply the same black or brown pencil in the upper inner rim of the eye. Apply the pencil to the height of the upper lash line and blend it outwards by pulling the color slightly towards the temple. To precisely blend the color, use a C-shaped eye brush, such as the RESET-C Brush 08 from Mia Cosmetics. Alternatively, we can draw a line of black or brown eyeliner;
  • Spread the mascara on the upper and lower lashes.
These steps are the basis for a simple eye make-up but, depending on the shape of your eyes, you can add other steps and use different products to make them more harmonious.

Simple eye make-up according to eye shapes

A simple eye make-up must be calibrated on the shape of the eyes. Here are some tricks to make the shape of the eyes optically more harmonious if they are round, slightly down or sunken:
occhi tondi
Round eyes should be optically reduced. Blend the neutral brown eyeshadow into the crease and apply black (or brown) pencil in the inner rim. Draw a not too fine line of eyeliner and apply mascara only on the upper lashes;
The downward eyes must be optically raised. Avoid highlighting its shape by applying black or brown pencils to the lower or upper eyebrows. Blend just a little brown eyeshadow into the crease and pull a line of fine eyeliner with a very high tail. Apply mascara only on the upper lashes;
occhi all'ingiù
Sunken eyes must be optically “pulled out”. Apply a cream or ivory eyeshadow (also shimmer or pearly) on the mobile eyelid. Apply the pencil only in the lower lash line and apply a lot of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. Do not blend eye shadows at the eyelid crease level.
Tip: if you have a particularly discolored eyelid, with evident redness and veins, before making the eye make-up, apply a colored primer such as the Step 2 Eye Primer by Mia Cosmetics. The idea for transforming simple daytime eye make-up into evening eye make-up: spread (even with your fingers) a glittery or luminous eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid, like the Magnificent Metal Eyeshadow that with their roll-on applicator are very easy to spread even if you are outside!