Exclusive fragrances, essences to wear in every occasion. Choose the note that suits you among the many Mia Cosmetics fragrances, always new and natural. Let your instinct guide you and select the ideal dress for your skin!

Every woman knows how important perfume is and Mia accompanies you in the search and choice of your favorite fragrance. The experience of a large cosmetics company pours into every drop of these precious and unique essences that make up the Mia fragrance collection.
Floral and fruity fragrances, suitable for every season, to leave an intense trail of personality. Extracts of natural perfumes enclosed in the bottle that guarantee a long duration.

The perfumes created by Mia Cosmetics nose leave a constant, enveloping scent on the skin, preserving the sensuality of the first impact. Women’s fragrances, scented water, men’s and unisex to allow everyone to smell the perfect fragrance with light essences for those who like delicate and simple scents and more intense notes for those who love strong scents that leave their mark.

Do you know the difference between a perfume and a scented water? Scented waters also called aromatic waters are delicate, fresh and light, perfect for summer, but can always be used if you are looking for a feeling of freshness and lightness. The classic scent in summer, with the heat, can transform and vary the top and bottom notes, changing the smell that emanates on the skin.

Oriental or Mediterranean? Summer evening or sunny citrus grove? Choose and wear your fragrance!