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Primers, as the word itself reminds us, are products that must be applied before any other product.

The function of the primer is to create a perfect, smooth and adherent makeup base, which guarantees the hold and duration of the Make up. Mia Makeup Step 2 HD Eye Primer helps to fix eye makeup, counteracts signs of tiredness by erasing tired eyes thanks to its high coverage, slightly tinted formula that evens out the color of the eyelid by covering redness and capillaries . The eye primer minimizes annoying imperfections that the application of light eyeshadows would emphasize.

The satin texture of the eye primer makes the eyelid less oily, so that the eyeshadow does not get into the creases and makes the eyeshadow adhere better without a fallout effect.

Step 2 HD Eye Primer has a practical ophthalmic tube that allows you to take the right dose of product to be applied in the eye area, which should be previously hydrated with a specific product such as Stamina Eye Care. Apply with fingertips or with a Mini Beauty Blender.

In case of dark and stubborn dark circles, complete the makeup base with an orange concealer that should be diluted and harmonized with the foundation to give continuity to the color between the orbit area and the rest of the face. The natural and professional effect will be guaranteed throughout the day.

#MIATIPS Try it at 360 ° as a base for the concealer: double coverage and duration!


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1455 in stock