Snail slime anti-wrinkle serum. The innovative formula of Recovery Wrinkless serum by Mia Cosmetics, based on snail slime and citric acid, reduces imperfections, repairs the skin, heals damage caused by acne and performs a purifying and exfoliating function on the skin. skin. Snail slime is full of glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid, which prevent dryness, deeply nourish the skin, improving its structure and firmness. Citric acid has a rejuvenating effect on the skin: it eliminates dead cells and speeds up cell turnover, promotes new cell growth and development, elements that help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Apply the snail-based treatment morning and evening: the skin will be silky, deeply hydrated and all imperfections minimized.

#MIATIPS  Discover the properties of Recovery Wrinkless Serum by following these tips:

  • Use on its own on critical points: forehead wrinkles, chin, cheekbones, avoiding excessive massage. The fluid form absorbs in seconds and penetrates deeply in the skin 
  • Mix a few drops of Recovery Wrinkless Serum with the face cream to increase its effectiveness
  • Apply a few drops on the deep wrinkles around the eyes and pat until completely absorbed.

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