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Quicklac is a brand new semi-permanent gel technology for nails, ultra-thin and ultra-opaque, ideal for both reconstructed and natural nails. The special formulation of Quicklac allows the UV gel to catalyze in just 20 seconds in a UV LED lamp and less than 2 minutes in a 36 watt UV lamp.

Quicklac can be used on natural nails, lengthened with tip or with monophasic and triphasic gel.

Quicklac Base | Top is an over-transparent nail gel with a double function: as a BASE GEL, before applying color or a French manicure and as a GLOSSY GEL TOP to seal the color and give extreme shine to the nails, before removing the dispersion of the gel with Cleanser.


  1. Apply a thin layer of AD +, adhesive primer, on all nails, mat well with a Buffer and allow to air dry for 60 seconds. (AD + increases the duration of the semi-permanent on the nails up to 25/30 days)
  2. Apply a thin layer of Base Top on all nails and cure in 48 Watt UV LED lamp for 30 seconds. Remove the gel dispersion with a pad soaked in Cleanser.
  3. Apply a first thin layer of color and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Proceed with a second layer of color to even out the color result of the first pass and catalyze in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  4. Seal the color with a thin layer of Base Top on all nails and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  5. Degrease the nails with a pad soaked in Cleanser to make them shiny and shiny.


  1. Remove the shiny layer of the nail with a white block until you get to the color.
  2. Dip the nails up to the cuticles in a small bowl filled with the Quicklac Off remover liquid and leave it on for 15/20 minutes.

Remove any residues of color or base with the help of a file or buffer.


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