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Every woman can have smooth and compact skin with the use of Step 1 Smoothing Primer. This face base allows you to perfect the complexion and maximize the hold of the makeup, because it performs a filling function, which “smoothes” the skin, fills wrinkles and fine lines, and minimizes pores. The formula of the face primer is in silicone-based gel with a transparent consistency, it glides on the skin releasing a sensation of elasticity and uniformity and gives the oval a full, compact and uniform appearance, ready to receive make-up and prolong its hold for all day. Suitable for all complexions that do not present particular criticalities, Smoothing Primer is the perfect ally for obtaining a perfect look, without imperfections and which require their makeup to be extremely long-lasting. Apply with fingertips or with the help of a fluid brush after the moisturizer and before the foundation; you can also add a few drops to the foundation to give the base a perfect finish in a single gesture.


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