Blender for the application of fluid foundation and castings

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Latex-free makeup sponge for applying foundation with a soft consistency, making makeup application pleasant and effective. The structure of the sponge is characterized by a particular porosity that allows the correct absorption of the texture and its balanced release on the skin. The oblique cut Blender spreads the foundation in an optimal way, releasing it evenly, without stains and above all without streaks, making application quick and easy, perfect for a daily makeup or for a professional makeup artist.


The particular pointed end is shaped to reach the most difficult parts of the face and cover small imperfections, while the special concave shape is suitable for drawing the contours of the face. The rounded sides are ideal for spreading the foundation evenly over the rest of the face.


The flat side allows the blender with an oblique cut to:


  • apply foundation and concealer to the most difficult points of the face, such as the corners of the nose, lip contour, eyebrow contour
  • cover localized skin imperfections with naturalness and precision
  • apply liquid and cream blushes for a graphic look and outline the edges of the eye make-up
  • easily define the nose and cheekbones
  • apply cream and liquid highlighters


The concave side of the sponge allows you to:


  • spread the foundation easily around the face, chin, jawbone and cheekbones
  • apply liquid and cream blushes defining with cheekbones and jaw
  • have an ergonomic grip to use the flat side of the sponge


The rounded side of the blender allows you to:


  • spread the foundation easily on the largest areas of the face, such as the forehead and cheeks
  • obtain a homogeneous and professional base in just a few steps
  • apply liquid and cream blushes

easily define the forehead and jaw


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