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Solvent for the removal of gel polish

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Product for the removal of semi permanent nail polish, suìtable for professional or domestic use. The solvent has been studied to remove UV semi permanent Quicklac nail polish but, thanks to its delicacy on the skin and its effectiveness on polymerized gel, OFF is usually used for removing nail gel. 

Gel polish and Quicklac OFF, thanks to the lanolin that is in the formula, don’t damage the nails and the cuticles, leaving the skin perfectly hydrated. 

The gel remover can be used in two ways:

  • Pour the product in a tiny bowl and soak the nails in it. Leave the product act for 3 minutes and then proceed with the removal of the gel that is now softer and partially removed from the nail with a steel cuticle pusher or an orange wooden stick. 
  • Take a cotton pad, cut it in half and soak it in the remover. Put the cotton pad piece on the single nail and cover the nail and the pad with some aluminum foil. The process has to be repeated for all the nails and it needs to stay on for 10/15 minutes.

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11,30 24,80