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Perfect cutter for an enviable manicure.

Yes… hands are always our “business card” so to have nails and hands always on point we need the best manicure tools. Among the indispensable tools for the perfect manicure there’s the cuticle cutter to remove unaesthetic cuticles that constantly grow around the nails. 

Cuticles’ care is important because, if they’re perfectly clean, they help prevent infections and that’s why using a proper tool like the cutter is indispensable. Let’s see how to do a perfect manicure by cutting the cuticles.

To reduce the possibility of cutting or hurting yourselves, the firts step is to soften the cuticles with the NO CUTICLE or you can soak your hands in room temperature water for at least 3-4-minutes.

At this point, you’ll have soft cuticles, even the toughest ones, and after drying your hands, you can use the cuticles pusher, using it from the rounded tip, to remove them without applying too much pressure. 

We suggest not to use the cuticles pusher too harshly: you don’t have to feel pain while you remove the cuticles. If you feel pain of any sorts or if you notice that the peri-nail looks infected or reddened you will have to disinfect first and wait for a few days.


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190 in stock