The search for the perfect product for the eyebrows seems to never end and we often get lost among pencils, powder products, microblading effect markers, eyebrow mascara, and it is not considered that each of these has a different function.

So what is the most suitable product for the shape and type of eyebrows?

When we talk about perfect eyebrows we refer to a world in continuous evolution and in the last decade the attention towards this part of the face has certainly grown out of all proportion, giving life to many innovative and technical products that sometimes see them thick, almost uncultivated, and other super defined.

Perfect Eyebrows But Natural Looking? The Solution Is Called 4BROW PENCIL

When looking for the perfect product for your eyebrows, you have to ask yourself a question: do you want a natural or obviously fake result? For a result that is as realistic as possible, the ideal product is a fine tip marker capable of recreating every single hair of the eyebrows, exactly as happens in microblading. Better still if the product in question has 4 micro-felt tips, like those of the 4BROW PENCIL. The micro tips allow you to fill and redefine the entire eyebrow arch with impeccable precision and extreme hold that resists sweat and water!

Mia Makeup offers this special marker in 4 shades to match perfectly with the hair color, an essential prerogative in choosing the right product:

  • Black if you have dark or black hair;
  • Blonde for light blond hair;
  • Noisette for warm brown / red hair;
  • Toupe if you have ash blonde or cool brown hair.

Instagram Style: Ultra Defined And Full Brows

How many times have you looked at the tutorials of the beauty creators on Instagram to be able to show off well-defined eyebrows? And how many times have you tried to recreate them but the result has never been up to your expectations? Often the problem is not even manual skills but the product itself that can be wrong. For Instagram-style eyebrows, full and defined to the extreme, a pencil such as the EYEBROW PERFECT DUO can be useful: on the one hand the dark color helps you to thicken and define the shape and while the illuminating tip gives further definition and to the arch emphasizing it.

If the result is not yet as pronounced as you expected then you can mix the product with the use of the MYSTIC EYEBROW KIT to further fill the shape!

The Tricks For Perfect Eyebrows

Of course, having the right product to recreate the perfect shape of the eyebrows is just one of the many steps to achieve the desired result. An eyebrow pencil, marker or mascara applied to overgrown brows is unlikely to give a good finish, unless you really want Madonna’s style in the 80s!

It is therefore good to equip yourself with eyebrow tweezers, if you prefer to do it yourself at the beauty center, and eliminate at least the excess eyelashes by following very precise geometric rules that try to obtain a shape as close as possible to the one that is even before the makeup. it’s recommended. Staying away from homemade waxes to depilate the eyebrows is essential to avoid finding yourself with irrecoverable shapes, similar speech for razors used without criteria.

If you are a beginner, entrust yourself to an expert beautician, after which you can proceed daily with making up your eyebrows with the most suitable products for you.