The Pantone Color Institute, the highest institution when it comes to color trends, has announced the new trend colors for 2021: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. A hymn to hope after the dark times that we cannot fail to integrate into our make-up routine and in creating nail art and color combinations on our nails. These are the two colors (two instead of one, as is usually the case) indicated by Pantone as the color of the year 2021.

A combination of colors that transmits a message of strength and hope.

“A combination of colors stable over time and encouraging that transmits a message of strength and hope”, is the explanation given by the famous American company that deals with the cataloging of colors. Ready to find out how to use the colors of the year 2021?

How to use yellow pantone illuminating in makeup

Illuminating is a deep yellow that is neither too hot nor too cold. We can use it to illuminate the inner corner of the eye and give a pop touch. For this purpose you can choose the Magique Pearl Powder loose pigment, combine it with a dramatic eyeliner line made with the Expert Look eyeliner and complete the look with volumized and defined lashes thanks to the Triple Ecstasy mascara, which gives the lashes a fan effect without weighing them down.

We also find Illuminating yellow in the Glam Eyeshadow Pop Palette, a palette consisting of 9 eyeshadows between matte finish and shimmer in compact powder. The 3D formula of the eye shadows makes them opaque at the first pass and without failing in the application, perfect for creating a smokey eye in contrast with purple or fuchsia. Do not forget the Always Ready Eyeliner pencil to outline the eye, easily blended thanks to the applicator on the back and with a surprising duration even inside the eye that does not smudge during the course of the day.

Nail art ideas, enamels and semi-permanent yellow illuminating pantone 2021

The trend of pop-colored nails has been with us for several years and, thanks to this shade of yellow, we will often find them again in 2021. With the Quicklac semi-permanent nail polish in the Banana color you can easily obtain trendy nails, especially if combined with an almond shape like Hollywood stars or in contrast, for a color block effect with nude or bright colors. It also lends itself to being combined with the Cashmere shade, a perfect Ultimate Gray.

How To Use Ultimate Gray In Makeup

Ultimate Gray is an intense and neutral gray, elegant and delicate. We find it in the Attractive Eyeshadow Palette, made up of 9 versatile shades perfect for adapting to a corrective make-up for the day or more dramatic for the evening. Different shades of gray allow us to create an elegant smokey eye, to be defined with the Always Ready Eyeliner eye pencil or with a thin line of Lasting Eyeliner, a perfect long-lasting black gel eyeliner to define the eye. To use the Ultimate Gray color in an even easier way, we can rely on the Pirate shade of the Baked Eyeshadow, baked eyeshadows that with their wet and dry formula allow you to adjust the intensity of our look simply by wetting the brush.

Nail Polish And Nail Art To Be Made With Pantone Ultimate Gray

We find the Ultimate Gray in the C ashemere shade of the QuickLac semi-permanent nail polishes, perfect to combine as a neutral tone with pop colors or flanked by shades with micro sparkles such as Mirror, a powder pink with delicate pearlescences. Could gray on the nails be the new nude of 2021?