Our skin is not the same in every area! Even if we don’t have combination skin, our skin is not always the same and can have more oily, more dehydrated or duller areas. To overcome these problems, face masks applied with the multimasking method come to our rescue. Read on to discover all the benefits of multimasking .

Multimasking: what it is and what its benefits are

Multimasking consists in applying different masks in different areas of the face, to treat and solve the problems corresponding to each part of your skin. To perform this technique, cream masks must be used (with the sole exception of the eye patches) and masks for each area of the face must be carefully chosen.

Compared to applying a classic mask all over the face, use the multimasking method to save time and focus all the attentions and assets of the single product in the correct area. There is no longer a need to over-dry the areas of our skin that do not need to be purified, or to moisturize areas that are not dehydrated too much: with multimasking every corner of your skin receives the right attention with the right product.


Multimasking: which masks to apply and how to have a screaming skin

The best combinations of multimasking take place with at least two masks or with three masks, which will have three different functions and will be applied in three different points of our face.

Here are some examples of how multimasking can be structured:

  • purifying face mask in the T-zone, a moisturizing mask in the cheek area and an eye contour mask – this way the area where the most blemishes form will be purified, while you won’t forget to moisturize the cheek area (which is not only drier in combination skin) and leave the eye contour moisturized and smooth
  • purifying and exfoliating face mask in the nose and chin area, a oxygenating and moisturizing mask and eye patches – if your face has more problems in different places, doing this is a great way to ensure a functioning and efficient multimasking session for our skin, without forgetting anything!
  • an illuminating mask all over the face, while eye patch or an eye contour mask in the periocular area – this type of multimasking is especially indicated for very dry and dull skin, which does not particularly need to purify the skin and which need greater hydration of different areas of the face

In choosing the masks you must also make sure that the shutter speeds are not too far from each other, so as not to run into too many difficulties in removing the products.