Mia Cosmetics and ShowDesk turn to female artists for the creation of the new Christmas packaging

Are you ready to use your talent to give life to the new graphic design of the Mia Cosmetics Christmas collection?

An important collaboration, a project dedicated to women and their talent. From the union between Mia Cosmetics and ShowDesk comes the first Open Call for artist entirely dedicated to the promotion of female artistic talent: “Artful Women for Skin” .

For the presentation of the new line of Christmas products by Mia Cosmetics, the Italian brand relies on the creativity of women by organizing a real competition, open to those who make their imagination their own daily bread. The “Artful Women for Skin” project intends to move and stir the reflection on the dynamics related to industrial production: not a mere mechanization of packaging, but an opportunity to promote art and enhance talent. Mia Cosmetics therefore goes to the forefront to create a professional opportunity oriented towards good social practices and the implementation of new ethical development models.

Ethical values ​​are the basis of the Mia Cosmetics brand, a company that has always certified the Italian production of top quality cosmetics not tested on animals. Every single product, from makeup, to fragrances, to accessories, up to skincare, takes shape in full respect of nature.

Who can participate in the call?

The project is aimed at all creative women, aged between 18 and 40 , who want to express their talent: cartoonists, painters, illustrators, graphic designers, etc.

There is no limit to the techniques and expressive forms that can be used.

The artists to whom the call is addressed will have to interpret the spirit of Christmas by creating the packaging of the Mia Cosmetics Christmas collection . Using the die-cut shapes of the products as a support, the artists will be free to create a real visual story. Product packaging will become the means to promote and disseminate art.

Each artist can present a single story and several stories, using the layouts provided, respecting the colors inspired by the palettes indicated in the attachments. Furthermore, each artist will be able to participate several times by presenting different proposals.


The winner, selected at the discretion of the Jury, will be able to choose from the following prizes:

  • Prize in cash of € 1000 net of taxes ;
  • € 1000 shopping voucher for the purchase of Mia Cosmetics products ;
  • A 6-day artistic-educational residence in the heart of Naples with bed & amp; breakfast formula and free access to the main historical and cultural places of interest in the city .

The winning work will be put into production on the occasion of the presentation of the new line of Christmas products and distributed nationally and internationally.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of artist packaging will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation for research and prevention on skin cancer.

The Jury also reserves the right to:

  • highlight with special mentions particularly deserving works not awarded;
  • do not award the prize if the objectives indicated in the open call are not achieved.

In the collective spirit of promoting and supporting the various art forms, ShowDesk also proposes to select and involve the participants for the publication of the book “Artful women for skin “And to propose any promotional activities not directly related to this Open call.

How to participate and answer the call

The templates can be downloaded from the following link . The artist has 3 + 2 layouts available for a total of 5 artworks to illustrate the story.

The elaborate can be developed digitally, directly on the layout file (via tablet, graphic tablet or software) or analogically on the shapes printed on an A3 size sheet.

If the analogue method is chosen, the final elaborate must be converted into digital obtaining a file in TIF format with a minimum resolution of 300dpi, which respects the color profile (color profile) of the layout files.

Entries must be sent exclusively via the application form.

To participate and answer the call click here

How to prepare the papers

  • Open the layout PDF file
  • Make sure you are working on the “Artwork layer”
  • Complete your paper by following the instructions provided and the color references
  • When finished, turn off the “Layout Layer”
  • Save and exit
  • Your artwork is ready for the application form


All entries must be sent using the appropriate form no later than 10 September 2019.

Mia Cosmetics: on the side of talent, on the side of art!