Immediately after the summer break, Mia Headquarter celebrates another achievement with a new opening in Mexico, for the first time!

Opening Ceremony Mia Cosmetics Mexico
Opening Ceremony

Just a few years ago we started to develop a new cosmetic concept, removing any kind of cultural barrier with the purpose to offer a cosmetic conception totally inclusive, not only around skin tone, but embracing and satisfying all genders, all skin types, styles and more. And after the latest opening in Marrakech, Dubai and Tunisi, we are so happy to share the big news with you: September 12th you’ll find a super glam Mia Cosmetics kiosk in Puebla, Mexico, inside the Angelópolis shopping center.

New opening Mia Cosmetics Angelópolis shopping center
Mia Cosmetics Angelópolis shopping center

So if you’ll be around the city and do you want to try italian makeup formulations for face, lips, eye and brows, or you’re looking for the perfect skincare routine to hydrate dry skin or to solve any kind of skin issues, Angelópolis will be your next favorite place for beauty shopping!

But we are still working on other openings, so stay tuned to discover where we will land next!

If you want to know if there is a Mia store in your country, please check on the Store Locator . Start a franchising project with us or become a Mia Makeup and Skincare reseller here!