Make-up palettes: for a make-up that always comes in handy

Make-up palettes are specifically thought for whoever wants to create always different make-up looks and to change look everyday.
There are several types, shapes and dimensions and even in our catalog you will find a wide selection of palettes that are suitable for any need.

Make-up palettes with nude or colored eyeshadows

Mia Makeup offers a wide variety of eyeshadow palettes that are dedicated to eye make-up, other than the chance to build a customized one with the products you prefer. Let yourself be inspired by the pop colors of our Reset Eyeshadow 02 Palette Outlandish or make your eyes stand out with the wet & dry eyeshadow from the 4Eye Light Palette. The pressing of the eyeshadows gives them a velvety texture and allows to adjust the color intensity on your liking. Use them dry to create a blended and sexy look or wet for an intense and iridescent eye make-up.

Face palettes complete with blushes, bronzers and highlighters

We also have several solutions for the face. If you are looking for a multi purpose face palette that has the essentials to define your face and obtain a fresh and glowy complexion, our Glam Face Palette is what you need.
It has a bronzer with a matte finish for the contouring, a matte blush for a “sun-kissed” skin and a light powder highlighter to make your face naturally glow. Glam Face Palette is available in two versions: the Light one is more suitable for whoever has fair or medium-fair skin, while the Intense one is perfect for olive and mediterranean complexions.

Build your personal palette

With eye and face palettes you will have everything you need for a complete make-up both for day and night. To make your palette really unique customize one of our buildable palettes adding the products you prefer.

Obviously, to obtain a flawless final result it’s necessary to create a beauty routine that is suitable with your skin type. Discover our skincare and out face primers and eye primers in order to obtain the perfect base for your make-up.