Lip tints for a matte or super shiny effect lip make-up

Lip tints are perfect for whoever wants a lip make-up that is flawless at any time of the day. These liquid lipsticks, often loved with their matte finish, guarantee a high pigmentation right from the first coat and they are long lasting or waterproof based on the different formulas and finishes.

Discover the long lasting lip tints

Extreme hold and velvety effect: even once dried, Mia Makeup’s lip tints don’t dry out the lips but they envelop them in a smooth caress. You can use them in combination with a lip pencil or on their own because, thanks to their brush you will always be able to take the right amount of product and apply it evenly and precisely. When you apply a lip tint, remember to start from the center to then go toward the corners, in order to avoid annoying smudges.

Discover the enjoyable smoothness of Dress Me, our ultra pigmented lip tint that is available in several shades. It doesn’t dry up, doesn’t move, doesn’t smudge and does not highlight lip wrinkles: it’s the perfect product for everyday looks. Are you looking for a GLAM Melted lip tints have a formula that is rich in cross-linked resin for a no-transfer effect.

Liquid lipsticks usually tend to crack and create a very annoying effect but ours don’t. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid of the formula, your lips will stay smooth and hydrated for hours. Pamper your lips with Kiss Kiss our iconic lip tint with a super fluid texture. It’s available in 16 different shades with both matte and pearly finish to give a special touch to any lip make-up.

How to keep the lips smooth and hydrated

It’s also important to follow a beauty routine that includes a lip care step as well so that it creates a good base to apply our lip tints easier. For always hydrated and smooth lips use our Step One Lip Plus treatment everyday and, to exfoliate, apply one of our super tasty lip scrubs twice a week!

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    Long lasting liquid lipstick

    ZA054 | 09 Aubergine
    ZA129 | 18 Baby nude
    ZA303 | 28 Beige Pink
    ZA051 | 06 Brick
    ZA300 | 25 Brown Pink
    ZA057 | 12 Brownie
    ZA305 | 30 Burgundy Sense
    ZA052 | 07 Cherish
    ZA338 | 37 Cherry Juice
    ZA340 | 39 Berry
    ZA060B | 15 Sangria
    ZA135 | 24 Dark Nude
    ZA337 | 36 Dragon Fruit
    ZA302 | 27 Dust Pink
    ZA307 | 32 Fuchsia Pink
    ZA343 | 35 GOJI
    ZA341 | 40 Grape Fruit
    ZA059 | 14 Grey
    ZA334 | 33 Guava
    ZA336 | 35 LITCHI
    ZA049 | 04 Magenta
    ZA046 | 01 Marshmallow
    ZA131 | 20 Mauve
    ZA128 | 17 Medium nude
    ZA306 | 31 Muddy Pink
    ZA048 | 03 Orchid
    ZA134 | 23 Pale Nude
    ZA130B | 19 Peony Pink
    ZA304 | 29 Perfect Nude
    ZA061B | 16 Perfect plum
    ZA301 | 26 Pink Brick
    ZA339 | 38 Pomegranate
    ZA132B | 21 Pure Orchid
    ZA058 | 13 Purple
    ZA053 | 08 Red
    ZA335 | 34 RUBY GRAPE
    ZA050 | 05 Salmon
    ZA055 | 10 Scarlet
    ZA047 | 02 Borgogna
    ZA133 | 22 Soft Nude
    ZA342 | 41 WATERMELON
    ZA056 | 11 Wine
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    GLAM MELTED Liquid Lipstick

    Matte and long-lasting liquid lipstick

    38 Bossy Babe
    37 Brick Broker
    21 Purple Mind
    25 Dragon Fruit
    22 Chic Orchid
    26 No Shame
    23 Fuchsia Power
    27 Blazalea
    24 Slay Mama
    28 Pink Burst
    29 Singleish
    30 Glam Queen
    31 Beach Bang
    32 Summer Hit
    33 Corallove
    34 Libre
    35 Inexplicable
    36 Secret
    39 Inflamer
    40 Ruby Booty
    03 Adorable
    16 Charmant
    02 Delicat
    09 Drole
    08 Enigmatique
    12 Fabuleux
    18 Fanatique
    11 Fantastique
    17 Fascine
    14 Fervent
    07 Insondable
    05 Nue
    13 Passione
    15 Persistant
    10 Radiant
    01 Retenu
    04 Reveuse
    19 Seduit
    20 Tetue
    06 Visionnaire
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    Long lasting lip tint

    Baby Pinks
    Beige Nudes
    Black Orchids
    Brick Nudes
    Carminio Reds
    Dark LilaCs
    Dark Nudes
    Doll Pinks
    Mauve Nudes
    Pearl Bricks
    Pearl LilaCs
    Pearl Pinks
    Radiant Orchid
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    Blue lip gloss

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    Liquid lipstick, gloss effect

    Candy Candy
    Intense Fuxia
    Pure Red
    Scarlet Red
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    Nourishing and plumping lip treatment