Nail polishes: color your hands for an amazing look

Mia Makeup’s nail polishes are very high quality nail care products, with a flawless effect and extreme duration. Our products have been chosen by the best industry professionals and are available online and in physical shops for you.

Choose the color you prefer for your nails

Choosing a Mia Makeup’s nail polish means forgetting about nail care treatments, strengthening nail polishes and classical or gel colored tints. Use the nail polish as a final touch for your look! On our website you can choose among matte, pastel shiny colors, very dark shades, black, bright red, neutral nudes, purples, brighter greens, yellow, shocking pink, magenta, bright blue, green apple nail polishes and many more.

Nail polishes for weak nails

If your nails have peculiar problems, you can match the classical nail polishes with a filler base that fills or strengthens giving back a healthy look to your hands. With Mia Makeup’s nail polishes your hand make-up will always be perfect. Show off your nails with an always glowy and long lasting effect. Mia Makeup’s nail polishes have a professional formula, for their application have been created specific brushes that, with a single coat, give a highly.

What you need for perfect nails

Mia Makeup is with you every step of the realization of your perfect manicure. You can buy online and in store all the indispensable tools: semi permanent UV lamp created for whoever loves always neat hands without having to always retouch it for almost a month, files to give the shape you want to the nails, mattifying buffers, acetone or the the sponge to quickly remove nail polish without any waste. Discover the cuticle oil as well, with its nice coconut flavor that doesn’t dry the skin.