An essential product for a perfect make-up, able to enhance the face to the maximum, minimizing imperfections: powder! We know that when it comes to makeup, everything starts from an excellent base and the powder plays a very important role, indeed different roles:

  • Fix the cream products as foundation and concealer, to make them last longer;
  • Avoid the much feared shiny effect on mixed or oily skin types;
  • Gives the face a luminous and silky effect.

With Mia Cosmetics face powder, your skin will appear perfect and luminous, without distorting the color of your complexion. Try the different powder variants now! Loose powder for easy access to all areas of the face. Compact powder version to give a uniform touch to the make-up base. Matte or sparkling finish? You have the choice, for a natural look during the day and brilliant at night that amazes everyone!

Fixes, retouches, perfects and brighten: many functions in a small amount of product. Select the color shade that best suits the color of your skin and always carry the powder with you, in the practical pocket version, light and practical, suitable for quick make-up, even on the road.