The makeup palettes are the most sought-after products by makeup enthusiasts, beauty addicts and professional makeup artists. The makeup palettes are particularly influenced by the fashions of the moment: colorful palettes, modular palettes, eye-only palettes or palettes for complete makeup.

If you are buying the first makeup palette, always choose the colours that best suit your complexion, selecting a very natural colour base and leaving the choice of the most daring and complex colours to match later when you have learned how to apply the simplest colours and when you have acquired manual skills in blending eyeshadows or applying facial brighteners. Choose makeup palettes with nude colours, soft pink with matt and shimmer finishes to create highlights on your face and eyes. All MIA Makeup palettes are equipped with a mirror and/or brush to control the correct application of the cosmetic.

Choose the brightly coloured eye palettes if you like to dare and enjoy experimenting with new colour shades.

Keep an eye on the makeup palette category that we constantly update with the introduction of new collections every month to keep up with fashion. The makeupm palette is the right product to always have in your bag but also one of the most appreciated gifts to do.