Highlighters to bright light to your face

Mia Makeup’ highlighters complete your face’s make-up with a glowy finish. If the bronzer is fundamental to bring light to the cheekbones, the cupid’s bow and the forehead. As all face skin products, they need a higher attention when choosing. Mia Makeup thought about every single one of your needs to preserve the benefit of your skin and make it look glowy.

Various type of highlighters

Among the several suggestions to choose from, you can decide to use a
powder highlighter and apply it on top of the foundation, this solution will allow you to control the cosmetic product to obtain the various shades and create different light intensities. Even the liquid highlighter can be used in combination with the foundation; to evenly spread the product, tap it with the fingers or, for a perfect result, try one of the Mia Makeup’s blenders. Our make-up artists suggest wetting the sponge before applying the highlighter. Alternatively, you can make your face make-up shine with a highlighter face powder or with a glowy blush if you have particularly oily skin. The stick highlighter is more appropriate for dry skin indeed.

Brighten your face with the best highlighter for you

You probably didn’t know that you could brighten your face base even before applying the foundation, this is the secret that the professional make-up artists use to brighten the foundation. Mia Makeup’s highlighters are also available as refills, in pots to be placed into empty customizable palettes so that you can create unique variants of our products! Add Mia Makeup bronzing powder to your customizable palette and try the magic combination of bronzing powder and highlighter, that makes perfect even the most irregular faces. For more tips on how to create a shiny face make-up, read the articles on our Blog!