Foundation: the ally for a perfect make-up

Foundation is for sure the most used face make-up product ever. It’s a cosmetic product that allows you to even out the color of the skin, hide imperfections but, above all, to enhance the face beauty. Mia Makeup’s foundations, thanks to colored pigments and nutrient-rich formula, create a true second skin that gives a healthy, glowy look with no imperfections.

Types of foundation

How to choose the right foundation? The foundations can vary based on coverage level, oils, hydrating substances, light talcs; all of these factors determine its composition: fluid, liquid, compact and mineral.

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation gives a very natural effect, thanks to the water and volatile oils content that, once evaporated, only release pure pigments on the skin. Cosmetics’ liquid foundations are highly covering and suitable for all the skin types that have an acne tendency or have widespread rednesses.

Compact cream foundation

Compact cream foundation is perfect for skins with discoloration problems, dry or sensitive skis or simply to create elaborate make-up looks. This type of product protects the skin from weathering and polluting agents with a complete complexion coverage. The compact cream foundation is practical and can be easily applied on the face thanks to the use of a sponge that allows it to reach even the most critical areas.

Compact powder foundation

Compact powder foundation is very similar to a compact powder. It’s a product that has been mainly created for oily or mixed skins. Thanks to the ingredients inside of it, this foundation absorbs all of the excess sebum and helps the skin to have a matte effect by eliminating forehead, nose and chin’s shininess.

Mineral foundation

Mineral foundation has this name because of its composition rich in minerals that have been extracted from the subsoil. A foundation that not only gives elasticity and glow back, but also allows the skin to breathe, by avoiding pores obstruction and black heads. If you want to hide any signs of aging, use a light and bright foundation on mature skin and you will obtain a flawless anti-age make-up that minimizes wrinkles.

Choose the best foundation for you

Choose a compact or stick foundation if you need high coverage due to acne, discolorations or imperfections. Mia Makeup products are created to be used by men and women, try the light texture foundation, easy to apply, for a super natural effect even on men’s skin. For the summer, choose water resistant and no transfer foundations and fix the base with the perfect compact powder for you.
Try the waterproof covering foundations even on the legs for a light and glowy effect.

Apply the face foundation with a filbert brush or with a blender depending on the desired result: with a two-fiber brush of a filbert brush you can help the covering foundation to hide any discoloration; you can help the covering foundation to hide any discoloration; use a blender , instead, if you prefer a more natural and light effect.