Eyeshadows: single or in palettes for a perfect eye make-up

The eyeshadows are a staple when it comes to eye make-up: to be used on their own or combined with eye pencils and eyeliner, the eyeshadows allow you to brighten up the gaze and create perfectly blended looks for an everyday soft look or a glamorous one for special occasions.

Our collection includes several types of eye shadows: from those matte and in compact powder form easy to apply and to blend, to the cream eyeshadows that guarantee a better duration and intensity. Do you want to create a bright long lasting make-up look? Apply the cream eyeshadow first and fix it with a powder one that has a metallic finish: the result will be surprising.

The best eyeshadows for your eye color

Would you like to discover which are the best eyeshadows for your eye color In our catalog you will find a wide range of shades that can enhance any gaze. For light colored eyes there are different solutions: you can create stunning looks both with cool and warm shades. For dark colored eyes it’s better to choose ward, soft and enveloping colors, but it’s also true that make-up is an artistic expression: break the schemes and let yourself be carried from your creative flair! Choose the eyeshadow combination that is more suitable for you between the GLAM palettes with mauve, orange and pink colors for more romantic looks and all the shades that can enhance green, brown, black and blue eyes’ make-up!

Eyeshadows to always carry with you

For a structured and multicolored eye make-up, try our palettes with very pigmented eyeshadows or build your customized palette available in both maxi and midi sizes, to create unique and inimitable make-up looks. Try our stick eyeshadows as well like the amazing Stalky Shadow or the iconic Jumbo Twist Stick Eyeshadow. Thanks to their soft and silky texture, they easily slide on the eyelids and they stay on all day long, without going into the creases of the eye or creating annoying “ripples”.