For a long-lasting make up it is necessary to create a perfect and smooth base, to which the makeup products adhere in the right way. The primers must be applied before any other make up product and in particular the eye primers are indispensable for being able to make the most complicated make up last and for a homogeneous application of eyeshadows.

Do you want a uniform complexion of the eyelid, hiding spots and capillaries? Do you want to make your eyelid less oily to allow more eyeshadow adhesion? Do you want to create a base that prevents eyeshadows from slipping into the folds of the eyelid creating unsightly accumulations of product? The Mia Make Up eye primer is the product for you! The application of a single drop is enough of this practical and comfortable product, the right quantity for a homogeneous and smooth base. Wait a few seconds to let the product dry and then you can move on to apply the eyeshadow in powder, cream or fluid.

Essential for eye make up, Mia Cosmetics eye primers also prove to be valuable allies for skin care: the eyelids will immediately appear more compact, bright and smooth. Eye primer: for your daily make-up, for a special occasion, for a make-up that does not leave you on the most beautiful!