Essential to complete an intense and seductive make-up, Mia Cosmetics eye pencils are available in different types and colors. The stroke is precise and defined, the texture is extremely comfortable, but the real strength of these eye pencils is the long hold. Eye pencils to be perfect always, in every occasion, to intensify and give depth to your look. A matte finish for everyday life, like a day at the office, and always ready to be perfect.

A sparkling finish for a special evening, a special occasion, an event where the watchword is “surprise”. All Mia Cosmetics eye pencils are ophthalmologically tested, also suitable for those with particularly sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses. Do you want eyes with an extraordinary depth? The pencils have a smooth and soft stroke, the colors are pigmented and can be faded. Have fun creating new looks by mixing the different colors. Match or contrast the chromatic nuances of your makeup with that of your eyes.

With Mia Cosmetics eye pencils anything is possible! For a quick touch up or an elaborated make up full of nuances, for a look that doesn’t need words, you only need a perfect eye pencil!