The skincare market is full of products with various goals. Often you don’t know what products works best for your skin type, in which order you have to apply them, how much product you need to use…skincare world seems so tricky, but it takes a few and simple rules and all of its secret will be revealed.

Skincare routine: why is important to apply the products in the correct order

When creating your skincare routine, you have to listen to the needs of our skin: choosing the right products for your skyn type is the key for the best result in every routine. You shouldn’t use, for example, an hydrating cleanser if your skin is oily, but prefer a product with sebo-regulating properties.

Its also important to apply your skincare products in the right order, for various reason:

  • If you apply them in the wrong order they may be less effective, because they won’t penetrate properly and you can’t get the full benefit from the product itself;
  • They could harm your skin and creatying new issues. For example, if you apply mouisturer or face oil on top of the sunscreen you could diliutie the spf and it leave you more vulnerable to skin cancer and premature aging


Before entering in the right skincare order to follow, you need to know what are the three essential passage in every routine: cleanse, moisturize, protect. If you don’t know how to start and want to keep your skincare as minimal as possible, you can use only three products: cleanser, moisturizing cream, sunscreen.

If you rather prefer to focus on your skin concerns, you have to know the two rules for a successful skincare:

  • layer your products: start applying the lighter texture, contuing with richer ones

apply the water based products before oil based, to let them penetrate in the skin in the right way

Morning skincare routine: the right products order to follow

Observing this tecnhiques and the essential steps, your morning skincare routine will follow this order:

  • Cleanser – you have to choose a cleanser for your skin type to remove excess oil and sebum. You should choose not drying and aggressive formulas, respectful of your skin ph. You can also double cleanse
  • Toner – toner is a skincare product that some love and adore, but also some hate or think is unnecessary. There are various type of toner with different aims (puryfing, hydrating, illuminating) but often they all have a fluid and watery texture.
  • Essence – if you follow the korean skincare, you know essences well and their properties. They are skincare products with a richer texture than a toner but lighter than a serum. They bring more hydration, soothe and protect the skin.
  • Serum – serums are helpful allies in your skincare routine to treat specific skin concern and issue. They contain higher concentrations of active and usually have a fluid and milk texture. If they are oil based, they should be applied after the moisturizer.
  • Eye cream – the main dilemma in the skincare’s order is when you have to apply eye cream. It doesn’t follow the layering theory because it can be richer than moisturizer, but you have to apply it before to protect the undereye area. In this way, you can prevent your moisturizer from going on the area, which is really sensitive and subject to redness.
  • Moisturizer – you should choose your day cream for your skin type and season. Even if you have oily skin you have to use it , just prefer a lighter texture with soothing and purifying properties. All skins need hydration!
  • Sunscreen – the last step of your morning routine is spf, that you have to apply in the right amount to guarantee a right protection

In your night routine you can add a few steps:

  • Makeup Remover – it can be an oil based one or even a micellar water, but it is essential to remove every trace of sebum and makeup.
  • Cleanser – you can use the same cleanser of your morning routine or a different one. It can contain AHA or it can be in a more hydrating formula, depending on your skin type.
  • Exfoliate – once a week, you can exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and help speed up the cellular turnover. You can use different type of exfoliator, according to your skin sensitivity and skin type
  • Wash off mask – you can do your mask once or twice a week, depending on the concern you want to address. After the exposure time, you have to rinse them off with water and proceed with your skincare.
  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Sheet mask – You can apply sheet mask even everyday, if you want! They can be hydrating, illuminating, soothing, firming… but the serum contained in the product can be hydrating enough for most skin. In this case you can skin serum and go straight to your night cream!
  • Night cream – it can have a thicker texture and more hydrating and repairing ingredients. When you sleep, your body speeds up the regenerating process and restores the skin during the night.
  • Face – Even face oil doesn’t follow the layering tecnihque: althought its texture is fluid and more viscous, it should be applied after the mouisturizer to seal the nutrient into the skin