Christmas arrives, everything takes on a different flavor made of love and sweetness. Traditions take place, chasing away the routine and frenzy of everyday life. We get ready for the holidays and inexorably we also begin to think about the outfit, Christmas makeup and Christmas nails.

Christmas nails, all the secrets for a perfect manicure for the Christmas holidays.

Are you looking for original and super glam Christmas nails to show off with all your charm during the Christmas holidays with friends and family or during New Year’s Eve?
Well, you are in the right place. With our tips you can find the right inspiration for unique Christmas nails.

Christmas red nails, but also white, pink, green and blue!

Red Christmas nails are a classic, the color par excellence for nails that can be reinterpreted in a thousand different ways. Red nails or red gel nails. Unleash your desire for red nail polishes, we really have a lot of them, normal nail polish, gel polish or semi-permanent gel? To create a manicure with red nails we have endless possibilities: if you want long and super shiny nails then apply the semi-permanent gel that ensures durability and shine; apply the nail polish if you want to change often all of red or a gel effect polish to have nails with a full color and easy to decorate. A simple habit to make could be to have only one Christmas nail per finger, usually the ring finger, using a gold or silver nail polish.

Red must always be mirror-like glossy, so once the nail polish is perfectly dry, apply a glossy top coat that protects the color and ensures brightness for days.

Green light therefore to scarlet enamels to be decorated with gold tones. The nails for Christmas 2020 can always be embellished and illuminated by metallic and microglitter finishes. Are you undecided or do you think red for Christmas doesn’t look great on you? Then choose the color of the year: blue! Yes, blue nail polish may not seem like a Christmas color but it is acclaimed among the trends of the next winter season.

Christmas nail decoration

Christmas nail art frees the imagination of nail enthusiasts and nail artists who enjoy drawing Christmas trees, snowflakes, gift packages, Santa Claus with all the reindeer on their nails … But often this type of nail art is difficult to do as it requires a certain dexterity and knowledge of advanced nail decoration techniques. But don’t worry we have lots of tips to make a simple Christmas nail art. The first thing to consider for 2020 Christmas nails is shape and length before deciding on the decoration. If you want to follow the 2020 fashion, no very long nails, choose a less rounded and more squared cut, and shaded or degraded nuances, which create an optical effect of length even for short nails. Here are some ideas: Red and gold Christmas nails for a sparlkling look with a refined touch that goes with any outfit and occasion, also perfect for New Year’s Eve. Red and silver nails if you are looking for a really sophisticated look. If you really can’t decorate your nails or you want to change every day the ideal solution are the nail stickers that you can attach and remove with ease, Santa Claus with reindeer, snowflakes, elves and sleds will no longer be a problem !

Why choose a manicure with semi-permanent nail polish for Christmas nails

The advantages of the manicure with semi-permanent nail polish are really many, even if we offer Christmas nail art with gel compared to traditional nail polish: first of all it has a longer duration than a normal manicure with nail polish making it practical and fast. The steps are simple even if we decide to apply the semi-permanent at home: remove the cuticles, apply the base gel and catalyze in the lamp for a few seconds, spread the colored gel and catalyze it in the UV lamp and the last step is to fix the color with a specific top coat and then pass the nails under the UV / LED lamp for the last time. It may be necessary to remove the dispersed state of the gel with a Cleanser. Given the nature of the nail polish, its removal requires a special solvent, if you choose a do-it-yourself remover, we recommend that you read the dedicated article on how to remove semi-permanent nail polish without damaging your nails.