If once the cream products were used only by dry skin because they are more moisturizing and with a tendency to separate on other skin types, the formulas have improved a lot in recent years and allow the cream products to be used also by other types of skin. skin. They bring with them many advantages, including the possibility of obtaining a long-lasting base without overdoing the products and giving up a natural effect on the skin. Let’s find out how.

Cream products: what are the advantages over powder products



Cream products bring with them several advantages over powder products, such as:

  • they are very modular: depending on the way they are applied, the brush used, the quantity taken, they have a different effect on the skin.
  • they can be luminous without the presence of glitter but are with greater creaminess of the formula, managing to adapt even to mature skin or to those types of skin with dilated pores, which want brightness without highlighting marks and pores
  • they can be spread easily even with the fingers, allowing them to be carried around and reapplied as needed without having to carry brushes with you
  • allow a greater hold of their base

Cream products: all the methods to create a natural and long-lasting base

Cream products are thought of as heavy formulas, hard to blend, and not suitable for other skin types. This is no longer the case! The new generation cream products are suitable for the creation of natural bases, suitable for different skin types and above all long-lasting.

To create a natural base with cream products, which can be foundations, bronzers, blushes and highlighters, you have to pay attention to the tools with which they are applied. Better to opt for a duo fiber brush than a flat kabuki, if you do not want the product to have high coverage and you can help yourself by using your fingers to apply the products, especially when applying the blush.

Always blend the products together, so as not to have color gaps and risk a theatrical effect. By carefully blending and applying a little product at a time, you will get a natural and radiant base.



Creams, especially if you have mixed or dry skin, tend to stay longer on the skin than powders. To ensure a longer hold of the base using cream products, you can act in two ways:

  • applying powder products of the same shade over the cream products
  • applying a veil of loose powder on the areas where the products have been applied, so as not to compromise the brightness but to ensure a long-lasting hold of your base