Never without polish! This seems to be the female trend of the last few seasons. The makeup trends require you to always show up with hands and nails in perfect order. It is not easy to constantly take care of your manicure and, often, we all prefer to turn to professionals in the sector to have well-manicured nails for at least a couple of weeks.

Little time for the beautician? Here’s how to easily remove semi-permanent nail polish at home!

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How to remove semi-permanent nail polish at home

Removing the semi-permanent nail polish on your own is not as complex as you imagine. It is not a very different operation from removing the classic nail polish, but it takes much longer.

What do we need?

A file, nail polish remover, makeup remover pads and aluminum foil .

Before starting it is good to remember to follow the instructions, not replacing the products, unless strictly specified and carrying out all the steps, with care, so as not to have to run to the beautician to repair the damage.

  • Let’s start by using the nail file. We scratch off the shiny and superficial part of the nail polish , until it becomes dull. Be careful not to scratch excessively: we only have to remove the shiny part, not all the enamel!

  • Let’s get a solvent “remover” . It is a different product from the usual acetone, a specific product for semi-permanent nail polish, suitable for completely eliminating color and gel from the nails.
  • We must now put the nail polish remover on . After having opacified them, we prepare compresses with cotton pads soaked in the special solvent. These pads should be applied to the nails so that they adhere completely. The disks placed on the nails must then be wrapped with aluminum foil. The whole thing must remain in place for about 15 minutes, according to the instructions on the solvent box.

  • After the indicated time has elapsed, let’s free the nails from the wraps: the color should be almost completely gone! To remove even the last residues, let’s help ourselves with a cuticle pusher used gently or a stick of wood and remove any remaining pieces, softened by the solvent.

A few tricks to remove semi-permanent nail polish

There are those who suggest to apply top coat polish , before removing the gel polish, and rub a to one vigorously with cotton, before the to coat dries, also spraying some hair spray. This technique should lead to the melting of the semi-permanent nail polish and the removal of the color, even without remover.

Can the semi-permanent nail polish be removed without acetone?

Someone dares to scratch it off with the file, taking less time, but also heavily damaging the nail. Better not take any chances and follow the method indicated with the solvent!

Once the semi-permanent is removed, do not forget to nourish our nails with a special cream and let them breathe for a few hours, before reapplying the nail polish. If you need to apply a new semi-permanent nail polish, don’t forget to apply a strengthening oil base .

Semi-permanent nail polish removal: mistakes not to be made

  1. Non file your nails too hard: you will end up scratching off not only the gel, but also the underlying nail, severely flaking it;
  2. Have the patience to wait at least 15 minutes before removing disks and foil: the remover needs its time to work!
  3. Don’t forget to take care of your nails after cleaning is complete.