The primer is a hybrid beauty product between a make-up product and a skin care product. The face primer has two functions: it improves the texture and appearance of the skin, including some imperfections, and increases the duration of the make-up. The primer must be applied with the fingertips, like a face cream, and is the first product to be applied when we wear a make-up that must last all day, because it makes the foundation adhere perfectly. The ability of the primer to improve the appearance of the skin, also enhancing the base effect.

Face primer: which one to choose based on the type of skin

The face primer should be chosen based on the type of our skin, as we do with all skincare products.

According to the type of our skin we can choose:

Smoothing face primer with filling effect
1 Minute Blur: smoothing face primer with a filling effect
  • A smoothing face primer, suitable for people with enlarged pores or those who want to smooth out small wrinkles. Smoothing primers have a filling effect. Mia Cosmetics 1 Minute Blur Primer is the smoothing face primer of excellence. This primer optically smooths the skin (minimizing wrinkles and pores) and also has a luminous effect given by soft focus pigments that optically improve the appearance of the skin. The final effect is like an Instagram beauty filter.
Step 1 Pore Minimiser: mattifying face primer for combination and oily skin
Step 1 Pore Minimiser: mattifying face primer for combination and oily skin
  • A mattifying face primer, ideal for mixed/oily skin. These primers regulate the production of sebum and counteract the shining. Oily skins usually have the problem of very evident dilated pores: a good mattifying face primer can minimize them. Mia Cosmetics Step 1 Pore Minimizer Primer does everything a good mattifying primer should do. The light, silicone gel formula is weightless on the skin and helps to fill in fine lines. With this primer the skin is silky and soft and the foundation will be very easy to apply.
  • An illuminating face primer, ideal for dry, dehydrated or asphyxiated skin that tends to have a dull and grayish complexion. Illuminating primers are usually orange-colored creams that give a booster of vitality to the skin. A good illuminating primer cannot miss reflective particles that capture the light to give radiance to the face. Mia Cosmetics Step 1 Glow Maximizer Primer is a great illuminating primer. This product gives great vitality to the skin and also works on fine lines thanks to its silicone formulation.

The face primer should be applied as the first step for a lasting make-up even on normal skin, without particular problems. The ideal primer for people lucky enough to have normal skin is Mia Cosmetics Step 1 Smoothing Primer. This primer has an elasticizing function on the skin and fills pores, wrinkles and expression lines. The texture of the product is completely transparent and almost weightless.

Colored face primers: what are they for and which one to choose according to skin problems

The face primers can be chosen according to the type of skin but also to skin problems, such as redness or particularly dull complexion. To solve these problems, the colored primers are formulated with pigments of specific shades that make a color correction (or chromatic correction) of your skin hue.

Color correction neutralizes facial discoloration by using a color that is on the opposite side of the chromatic wheel.

The primers that help in this regard can be of two shades:

  • Green primer
  • Purple primer

Green is the complementary color of red, i.e. opposite in the chromatic wheel. The green primer helps to cancel skin redness caused by acne scars, pimples, couperose, rosacea, and external factors.

STEP 1 GREEN PRIMER: anti-redness face primer
STEP 1 GREEN PRIMER: anti-redness face primer

Mia Cosmetics Step 1 Primer Green is a very performing anti-redness primer. The dose of pigments inside it annihilates the redness of the skin. This primer can also be applied precisley to areas where reddish discolorations occur, using your fingertips or a precision brush such as the Oval Brush 07 by Mia Cosmetics.

Purple is the complementary color of yellow and the primer of this nuance is the right one to revive a dull olive skin that turns to a yellowish color. Even for asphyxiated skin, the purple primer is excellent for giving a vitality booster to the complexion.

STEP 1 VIOLET PRIMER: face primer brightens yellowish colours
STEP 1 VIOLET PRIMER: face primer brightens yellowish colours

Mia Cosmetics Step 1 Violet Primer is a multifunctional primer with exceptional purple pigments. This product revives the yellowish complexion, prolongs the life of the foundation and can also be used on the eye contour particularly where dark circles tend to turn yellow.