Mixed skin is a very common type of skin that requires care both in skincare and in making makeup. Read on to find out how to make the perfect foundation for your skin type and what products to apply.

Mixed skin: what products not to apply for a perfect and long-lasting base

Mixed skin allows the creation of various types of face bases, both more moisturizing and mattifying. This does not mean that all the products for the base are suitable for this type of skin, quite the contrary!

In the face foundation routine for mixed skin:

  • do not use foundation with too high a percentage of oils and nourishing active ingredients
  • a moisturizing powder used to set the T-zone should not be used (but it can be used if you have a dry eye contour only in the area)
  • It is forbidden to use an oil as a primer under a matte foundation to give brightness, because in a few minutes the shine is just around the corner
  • never apply bright primers in the T-zone or too close to it: they will highlight even more the sebum that will form on our skin during the day

Mixed skin: which steps should not be missing in your routine

Regardless of the final effect we want, to avoid excessive sebum production during the day that could compromise the tightness of our base, we need to perform the right skincare with purifying and sebum-regulating active ingredients, to allow the application of subsequent products on a suitable basis.

A face primer is recommended to help hold the base, especially when you want to get a brighter effect without sacrificing hold. Never forget to use the powder: it does not matter if it is in loose or compact powder, it must be sebum-regulating and applied at least in the T-zone.

Mixed skin: which products to use for a perfect face base

If so far we have recommended products not to be used or some of the essential steps to create a perfect face base, here you will find all the most suitable products to make your face base if you have a combination skin.

After a thorough skincare routine, the first step is the face primer: whether you want a brighter or more opaque base, a primer can significantly increase and improve the hold of your base, especially if you prefer a more hydrated complexion. Applying mattifying or smoothing primers will help in the drafting of the foundation so that it has a brighter finish and is more moisturizing like the Beyond Coverage Foundation, that it is more mattifying like the 4ever foundation.

You can sculpt the volumes of the face with both powder and cream products, the important thing is that you remember to fix them with a light veil of loose powder. After applying the eye contour, apply a powder in the area and in the T-zone.

Spray the setting spray at the end of the makeup and, to be safe, bring some sebum-absorbing rinses or a compact powder with you, to eliminate any shine during the day.