Makeup is for everyone, there is no truer sentence. This does not mean that all products can be used in the same way by everyone. Skin type needs to be considered (oily skin can never have the same basis as dry skin or combination skin), the shape and color of the eyes, of the lips to create a suitable and personalized make-up. Even mature skin needs its rules to be made up and enhanced to the fullest. Read on to discover the products, tips and mistakes not to make for a perfect antige makeup.

Makeup for mature skin: the mistakes not to make

Mature skin shows signs of aging such as more or less deep expression lines. They cannot be eliminated with cosmetics but they can be disguised. Such as? Using the right products in the right quantities and avoiding thick powders and illuminating powders and / or products with reflective particles that are too large which risk highlighting the areas where there are more signs of aging.

The formation of spots and hyperpigmented areas it is frequent in mature skin, it is mainly about age spots. One of the most frequent mistakes is trying to cover the spots by making a base that is too covering, which risks highlighting expression lines and wrinkles, instead of lifting the face and making it brighter and more natural. Better to opt for more opaque concealers only in areas where there are spots and continue with a lighter foundation.



Another mistake that often goes when it comes to mature skin, we find it in eye makeup. Often the pencil applied on the more hooded eyelid tends to disappear and weigh down the gaze, it would be enough just to blend it and create a simple tightliner, that is to apply the pencil in the upper internal rhyme and slightly to the attachment of the eyelashes, blending it carefully.

Find out which are the best products to use to make a perfect makeup antiage.

Makeup for mature skin: which products to choose for the base

For a natural and radiant base, choose a fondotinta or a cc cream moisturizing and buildable coverage, which makes the skin uniform without highlighting its texture and marks. Prefer a lower coverage in the foundation, to opt for a more covering concealer only on the imperfections and blemishes you want to cover.

To give three-dimensionality, opt for opaque or slightly satin products, which do not contain too visible glitter or pearls inside, which could bring out the signs of expression. You can set the base with a face powder, but pay close attention: that it is moisturizing and super thin, always apply a little of it whether it is in free or compact powder.


Makeup for mature skin: which products to choose for eye makeup

To create a perfect eye makeup, opt for opaque shades, always respecting the shape and color of your eyes to enhance them to the fullest. Using shimmers that are too bright may not enhance your eye if your eyelid is more drooping, better illuminate with a satin eyeshadow with a very thin pearl.

Apply the pencil sparingly, starting from the lash line, and abound with mascara, that never hurts! If you want to apply false eyelashes, choose a model that reflects your tastes and personality, prefer models that optically lengthen your eye giving a beautiful lifting effect.

Makeup for mature skin: lipstick yes or lipstick no?

There are many opinions regarding the use of lipstick in anti-aging makeup, and there is no correct version. Depending on how used you are, you can decide to apply it or not. Always prefer creamy formulas that smooth the typical fine lines of any lips, making sure to prepare them for the application of the product with the right skincare. Nothing prevents you from applying a light touch of gloss just to keep your lips hydrated or a nice red lipstick, applied to perfection and surrounded by a pencil of the same shade.

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