You always have dark circles around your eyes and you want them to go away? Let’s find out all the ways to know, recognise and treat your dark circles.

What are dark circles

Dark circles are a skin condition that can be found in the lower area under our eyes, especially in the initial part. They can have different tone and intensity depending on age, skin color and causes; we can also find puffiness in the area, known as eye bags.

What are the causes of dark circles? 

Dark circles can be formed by many and different causes, but they are often paired to lack of sleep. It is, of course, one of the causes but not the main reason or the most common one. They can be caused by stress, anxiety, thermal shock, hormonal problems, hyperpigmentation of the area or poor diet.

The difference between dark circles and eye bags

We already said that dark circles can be paired with a located puffiness, the eye bag, that can be associated and confused with the first condition. They are two different skin conditions, with different causes, origins and different steps to treat it in the best way possible.
The eye bags don’t bring pigmentation’s differences in the under eye area but only puffiness, which can be caused by water retention, poor diet, stress and lack of sleep. In case of genetic predisposition, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon to surgically remove them with a blefaroplastia.

How to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles, depending by their origin and cause, can be effectively reduced using different cosmetics products such as:

  • eye cream – using and eye cream with constancity, in your morning and night routine, will help to keep the area hydrated, toned and reduce the dark circles in the right way;
  • eye patch – They can brighten the under eye area in a really short time, just a few minutes, giving a fresh, healthy and rested look, and also reducing visibly the dark circles. It’s a treatment that can be done multiple times in the same week or occasionally, before a big event.

In some cases, dark circles have genetic predisposition and cosmetics products are enough: they have to be treated by a cosmetic surgeon. Otherwise, a healthy diet, the right amount of sleep and applying eye cream is the right way to get rid of dark circles.

How to choose the right eye cream to fight dark circles

In the cosmetics products on the market, their main goal for the under eye area is to hydrate and nourish ( and often reduce the appearance of the expression wrinkles known as crow’s feet). Not all of this type of eye cream is suited to treat dark circles properly.

The right eye cream for treat and reduce dark circles has to:

  • have functional active in his formula to stimulate microcirculation and brighten the area like caffeine, ginseng, liquorice and snail slime;
  • a lighter texture and often paired with a rollerball or an special applicator made of metal to cool and depuff the area.

Eye creams designed to help reduce, even in a visible way, this condition, often contain soft focus pigments: reflecting light, the area will be brightened and will hide the hyperpigmentation before applying makeup.

How to apply your eye cream

The under eye area is one of the most delicate areas in our face: the skin is thinner, has less colagene, adipose tissue, and blood flow. For these reasons it’s important to take care of the area in the right way, starting with applying eye cream properly.
Eye cream has to be applied to clean skin, after toner and serum and before moisturizer: in doing so our cream will not go to the eye area, that could be irritated from it. After picking up the right amount of the product, we will apply it with our less strong finger, the ring finger, to use the least pressure on the area, tapping the products gently. In this way we also stimulate microcirculation and our look will be instantly appeared more fresh and rested.