Green eyes are very rare and can be enhanced with makeup in several ways. Ready to find out which ones? Read on to learn more.

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What colors to apply to enhance green eyes

Only 2% of the world population has green eyes, which can come in different shades, more or less intense and streaked with other colors. green eyes can be enhanced by using the corresponding complementary color or purple: depending on the shades present in the iris, prefer a different shade of purple, passing through lavender for lighter eyes to finish with an aubergine color in the case of golden specks and more intense shades of green.

To enhance the golden component in green eyes, the shades of magenta are perfect: red , fuchsia and plum will make your eye shine that will still be clearer and brighter. For a more delicate but always suitable effect, you can opt for shades of pink, declined in all their shades. The shades of brown are perfect for green eyes, to be chosen based on your complexion and the shade of green in your iris: if there is a more cerulean component, opt for brown with a cold base, while you prefer warmer shades to enhance the more golden shades.

Green eyes: what colors to avoid in makeup

Just as it is simple to enhance and make green eyes shine, it is also equally simple to use the wrong colors that do not enhance your particular eyes. Therefore, avoid all shades of blue, light blue and even green, especially if they are too light and so close to the color of your iris. To add a touch of green that really enhances your eye, accompany it with a border or a smokey made with a black or brown pencil: you can add a touch of green on the eyelid or in the lower rim, without losing intensity thanks to the contrast given by the pencils.

Green eye makeup for the day: makeup ideas and products to use

A perfect daytime eye make-up to enhance green eyes can be achieved using a brown pencil, of the warmer or colder shade depending on your iris, blending it according to your type of eye with the help of an eyeshadow of the same color or a lighter color. You can use the same technique and be daring with a reddish-based brown, like the one inside the Rust Palette , an excellent palette for green eyes: thanks to its warm shades, it is perfect for green eyes with warmer shades, enhancing and enhancing them.

For a more elaborate makeup but always suitable for the day, you can use a champagne-colored or gold-shimmer eyeshadow and apply it all over the mobile eyelid, defining the look with a stroke of eyeliner or a brown or black pencil. If you love shades of pink, replace the champagne eyeshadow with a medium pink shimmer eyeshadow: you will see how your green iris will stand out!

Green eye makeup for the evening: makeup ideas and products to use

Enhance your green eyes with an intense make-up for the evening: smokey eye plum and burgundy, intense gold eyeshadows on the mobile ball and brown and black pencils to define the look, but also black smokey eyes accompanied by pinkish pearlescence and silver. Always pay attention to the shade of your iris and the shape of your eye before making your makeup!