Intense and deep: brown eyes can be characteristic and particular and adapt to different types of makeup, to enhance all the shades of dark irises. Find out which makeup and colors are perfect for brown eyes by reading on.

What colors to apply to enhance brown eyes

Like not all green eyes and blue eyes are the same, even brown eyes have different shades and shades in the iris: they can have more golden shades and with green streaks, they can be lighter and tend towards hazelnut, or more intense and turn towards black. Depending on these characteristics, they can be enhanced by the right colors.

If it has golden and green shades, opt for warm and intense tones, such as shades of red, copper and emerald green. Also not to be underestimated is the petrol green, perfect for enhancing this shade of brown as well as the hazel eyes. For the shades of hazelnut and light brown, it is the shades of blue and plum that bring the right contrast and highlight the irises.

To enhance the darker irises, the shades of gold and bronze and makeup with bright and vibrant colors are perfect, which will stand out and bring brightness to the eyes. Even cold colors can be applied in all shades of brown eyes, paying attention that the colors are intense, bright and not too light and that they adapt to the warm shades present in the irises.

What colors brown eyes don’t look good on

The shades that bring out the dark irises, as we have seen, are many. There are some colors that do not enhance brown eyes at all, because they cannot bring out the reflections of each shade. Pastel shades of any color, be it green, pink, lilac or blue, do not bring out the best in brown eyes that need intense, deep and bright shades.

Brown eye makeup for the day: makeup ideas and products to use

A perfect daytime eye makeup for brown eyes can be achieved using a neutral eyeshadow in the crease of the eye, a darker shade to intensify the outer V, and a champagne or bronze shade across the entire lid. To define the look, a good black pencil and lots of mascara must never be missing.

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If you prefer colder shades instead, you can apply a plum or magenta shimmer on the eyelid and define the eye through a clear or shaded line of eyeliner. If you prefer a more delicate and natural result, nothing prevents you from replacing the black pencil with a dark brown pencil!

Eye makeup browns for the evening: makeup ideas and products to use

Evening is the perfect time to be daring with colors! Using the palette Pop you can get different colored makeups, perfect to be worn in the evening, created using an intense color towards the outer v like petrol blue, a lighter color like yellow on the mobile lid and an even more pop and lively lower rhyme, using a vibrant color like red.

If you want to stay on a classic makeup, you can opt for an intense smokey eyes in shades of black, dark brown and plum or apply a bright gold or bronze eyeshadow on the eyelid, darkening the outer v. Lots of mascara , false eyelashes that’s it!